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In a society obsessed with youth, there is a strong opinion that in the beauty market a woman “cheapens” with age. This forces many women to “fight in blood against iron old age” in the vain hope of stopping time. Examples of famous and elderly women who are not ashamed of their “age of happiness” destroy stereotypes and inspire confidence that a far-fetched idea of ​​“young beauty” cannot interfere with positive aging.

Cindy Joseph: «Age should be celebrated!»

Cindy Joseph:

Most women would turn down an offer to participate in an advertising campaign for a well-known brand when the age is already «well beyond …». Because the cult of youth reigns on the catwalks, because gray hair, because the form is lost, and many other “becauses”.

Cindy Joseph was not afraid of the already existing 49 years. The former makeup artist took a chance and agreed to the offer of a Ford Models agent to appear in an advertisement for Dolce & Gabbana.

Now, in her 60s, Cindy continues to appear in advertising projects for the famous brands Elizabeth Arden, J.Crew, Shopbob, Anthropologie without being ashamed of her age. She smiles from the glossy covers of The Oprah Magazine, Marie Claire, More, Glamour. Cosmetic brands vied with each other to invite Cindy to advertise anti-aging cosmetics, and in response she started releasing her own line of cosmetics, which she called «agen» and with her whole appearance claims that it is pointless to hide years. They should rejoice.

Cindy Rules

About beauty

The cheerful queen of the catwalk is sure: you should not waste time fighting age with the help of decorative cosmetics and firmly believe in the existence of anti-aging cream. To do this, she created her own line of women’s cosmetics. The products keep the skin healthy, but Cindy honestly does not promise rejuvenation and calls her products «anti-aging.»

What does she do to maintain beauty:

  • selects high-quality cosmetics for cleansing and caring for the face, neck and décolleté;
  • before applying the mask, uses a scrub to remove the «old» cells and allow the nutrients to penetrate as deeply as possible;
  • gently massages the skin before applying a moisturizing or nourishing cream;
  • use sunscreen daily (at least SPF 15) to protect the skin from photoaging;
  • on the advice of a dermatologist from Thailand, to preserve the freshness of the skin, she washes her face only when she really needs it or only at night.

About cosmetics

“Stop being slaves of cosmetics!” proclaimed the hostess of the new beauty line.

According to Cindy’s observations, most women «far beyond …» add age to themselves with too catchy coloring. Young skin «withstands» any bold experiments with «decorative» and complex makeup, but in adulthood it makes no sense to deceive others with contouring.

Tip from Cindy Joseph: ladies over 50 should remember that their faces look different than those of their thirties, so:

  • the main thing is to moisturize the skin well;
  • achieve an even tone with the help of tonal means, trying to be natural;
  • use warm colors in decorative cosmetics.

About hair

One day, looking in the mirror, Cindy realized that it was the “silver” hair that distinguished her from others and gave her charm.

The model considers her achievement an increase in the number of women who have ceased to be embarrassed about their gray hair thanks to Cindy Joseph.

Tip from Cindy: To get used to it, dye your hair silver. The paint will eventually go away, and you will get a natural silver color.

Expert comment

Alexandra Puriga, MD, sports medicine physician

The main feature of a woman’s health after 50 years is a change in the hormonal background associated with the menopause:

  • pressure rises;
  • there are sharp mood swings;
  • sleep is disturbed.

Menopause, moreover, is one of the reasons for the increase in osteoporosis in the bones, which is no longer compensated by the intake of calcium-containing drugs and products. The most effective method of preventing osteoporosis is dosed, well-chosen physical activity. It’s not too late to start playing sports at 50+, the main thing is to follow the rules.

1. Before starting classes, it is necessary to conduct a medical examination:

  • do an EKG under stress;
  • visit the consultations of a cardiologist, ophthalmologist, gynecologist.

2. In sports, the main thing is a systematic approach.

Start with 2 sessions per week of medium intensity with a gradual increase in load. The best place to start is by walking in the park or on a treadmill. The most effective and enjoyable exercise in the fresh air is Nordic walking.

3. If you plan to attend group classes, then stock up on drinking water at room temperature and drink in a sip as soon as there is a feeling of dryness in your mouth.

The most optimal form of physical activity is Pilates.

Such training will help strengthen muscles, without the risk of injuring unprepared joints. If you feel stuffy, dizzy or feel sick, you should immediately leave the class and spend some time in a quiet place with an influx of fresh air.


Sports and hunger are incompatible!

4. At 50+, you need to carefully select a diet:

  • eat small portions, but the break in meals should not be more than 3-4 hours;
  • eat more protein (chicken, lean fish), fresh vegetables;
  • It is better not to abuse fruits, they contain a large amount of easily digestible sugar.

5. Start your path to physical activity gradually. Make a commitment to yourself to get into one new healthy habit every week. The most important thing is that sports and a proper lifestyle bring pleasure. And soon you will see how your health and mood changes.

Be healthy and happy!

About the physical form

The idea that life has already been lived and there is nothing to expect from it — visits many women after 60. Cindy Joseph destroyed all stereotypes, deciding to continue to enjoy life and not forget about her appearance.

What does Cindy do to not look like a grandmother? Everything is extremely simple:

  • early to bed and early to rise;
  • doing yoga and dancing;
  • does morning exercises and walks every day;
  • avoids excessive physical activity.

Expert comment

Alekseeva Anna, fitness instructor

Every woman wants to prolong her youth and beauty.

As a result, after the age of 40, trips to beauticians, nutritionists and, of course, fitness instructors are especially frequent. The trend is correct, but it should be understood that if a woman did not engage in any physical activity before 40, then it is much more difficult for her to start and achieve the desired result than for women who have been “sporty” since childhood.

However, nothing is impossible, so a conscious approach to maintaining physical activity is welcome.

What do women need to do to prolong the beauty and youth of their body after 50?

First, pay attention to how you eat.

It is necessary to make a balanced diet:

  • exclude sweet and starchy foods from the diet;
  • include fruits in the menu;
  • add more vegetables and greens (foods containing the hormone phytoestrogen).

Secondly, do not forget about physical activity.

Suitable for hiking, swimming, cycling.

Performing strength exercises with moderate weight in the gym will normalize the production of hormones necessary to prolong the youth of the female body.

Yoga will improve joint mobility and flexibility of the whole body.

Pilates will help improve the condition of the pelvic muscles. It is in the organs of the small pelvis that the source of female energy and strength! Performing even basic exercises from the Pilates complex will improve blood circulation and stimulate the functioning of the pelvic floor organs!

Start following these basic recommendations, and you will feel that life is just beginning at 50! And others will definitely notice and appreciate your beauty.

About nutrition

Age forces us to reconsider our attitude to nutrition. Do it like Cindy Joseph:

  • try switching to a lighter food system, including more vegetables, fruits, seafood and cereals;
  • you can add calcium to the body by including soy and yogurt, nuts and fish in the diet;
  • give up «fatty-fried hazards», alcoholic beverages, sweets;
  • reduce the amount of coffee;
  • take high-quality vitamin complexes.

Expert comment

Roman Evgenievich Malkov, sports medicine doctor, nutritionist, author of The Carbohydrate Cycling Diet

— How to keep fit?

— After 50 years, a woman’s body undergoes profound hormonal changes that affect metabolism and appearance. The level of the female sex hormone estrogen drops, which inevitably leads to the loss of muscle and bone mass and the accumulation of fat. Fat accumulation, lack of muscle, osteoporosis and loss of skin elasticity — this is what a lack of a proper nutrition and fitness program at this age can lead to.

During this period, strength training is especially important because it helps strengthen muscles and bones. It is necessary to perform power loads 2-3 times a week, but only a few find time for this. A technique comes to the rescue, based on short ems workouts. Ems workouts are a great way to keep fit.

They are helping:

  • lose excess weight;
  • remove cellulite;
  • improve skin elasticity;
  • strengthen muscle and bone mass;
  • get rid of back pain
  • normalize pressure;
  • lower sugar levels
  • effectively stimulate metabolic processes in the body.

The peculiarity of ems-training lies in the fact that a high intensity of training is created due to electrical stimulation without the use of additional weighting. In 20 minutes of the main part of the lesson, you can have time to work out all the large muscles.

In addition, ems training helps to cope with the deterioration of skin elasticity throughout the body.

Plastic surgery, as a rule, removes age-related changes locally, without taking care of the body as a whole. Often you can see women with tightened skin on the face and sagging skin on the rest of the body. Wraps and spa treatments do not allow you to noticeably tighten sagging skin on the body, while ems training makes it much more effective.

— How to eat?

— For women after 50, the right choice of nutrition is important. The cyclical diet is a unique way to maintain the body, allowing users to consume any food in a rotation mode, thereby reducing the overall consumption of unhealthy foods. We are talking about simple carbohydrates (sweet and flour).

The basis of this diet was laid in the bodybuilding world during the era of Arnold Schwarzenegger, when bodybuilders alternated carbohydrate intake to increase glycogen stores and maximize muscle preservation. I recommend alternating not only carbohydrates, but also the consumption of meat, raw vegetables and fruits.

Thanks to this new approach, the population of semi-vegetarians, semi-vegans, semi-raw foodists is actively growing in the world.

The principle is simple: on certain days you consume the foods you want, and on others you don’t. This allows you to maintain a complete diet that does not lead to deficiencies of bioactive substances, as with conventional diets.

Simplicity and effectiveness, proven by years of use in sports and

bodybuilding, attracts many people.

Together with EMS fitness, a cyclic diet allows you to quickly lose weight while maintaining muscle mass without developing deficiency conditions.

Carmen Dell’Orefice: “Age is not a number in the passport. Age is a state of mind!

Carmen Dell'Orefice: “Age is not a number in the passport.  Age is a state of mind!  Source: en.wikipedia.org

This woman breaks stereotypes. Her modeling career began in 1945 and continues to this day. She cuts through prejudice by gracefully defiling in high heels during fashion shows, no worse than 17-year-old girls. She is not embarrassed by 80+ when she poses for glossy magazines. Common patterns are not for her. She is Carmen Dell’Orefice. Demanded on the podium, independent, attractive and … gray-haired!

Things don’t go according to the rules when it comes to the longest-serving model, actress and beauty Carmen. She does not get younger and does not hide her age, and Madame Delle Orefice made a shock of silvery hair her «trick».

«Beauty tricks» by Carmen

A true woman, Carmen Dell’Orefice has written a bestseller about the secrets and techniques for maintaining beauty she has mastered over 40 «podium» years.

About love

«Ask me if I’m still breathing. I have an intimate life, as before. Why should I leave her? ”Carmen answered the question of journalists about the private life of the model.

Having been married three times, Carmen believes that the family and relationships of a married couple are always important. However, if family life did not work out or a woman, due to natural reasons, was left alone, then she can enter into relationships at any age, and if they are also romantic, then plunge headlong into the pool of love, according to Carmen, is not forbidden .

About diet

Carmen loves to enjoy food. In her youth, she adored ice cream, and now she constantly keeps stocks of goodies in the refrigerator. The age model did not follow the diet, because she assures that she was “lucky with metabolism”, and Carmen still loves ice cream.

However, no matter how much Carmen praises her metabolism, she nevertheless welcomes self-discipline and advises to “understand your genetics”, adhering to certain rules in nutrition:

  • exclude coffee in the morning;
  • drink water with lemon juice in the morning;
  • Eat probiotic yogurts throughout the day.

About health

Nature can bestow a figure, but health will require an «investment,» says Carmen.

To maintain good physical shape, an unfading model must:

  • doing daily warm-ups in the morning;
  • is swimming;
  • walks;
  • sleeps a lot.

In her 80s, Carmen Dell Orefice lives by the principle: “The winner is never lazy!”.

Expert comment

Alexey Semyonov, vice-champion of Europe and vice-champion of the world in fitness

After the age of 50, both women and men are strongly advised to check:

  • condition of the joints and blood vessels;
  • pressure indicators;
  • the recovery time of the pulse after intense exercise.

For a female audience, I recommend paying special attention to training the arms and legs, especially the inner surfaces, since it is these places that often give out age and, without the necessary study, do not look the way we would like.


Get rid of the common misconception that by yourself and frantically pumping the press, you will achieve a slender waist and a flat stomach.

To achieve this result, you need:

  • balanced healthy diet;
  • the study of smooth muscles (i.e. the very abdominal wall that supports the internal organs).


The main exercise: the maximum retraction of the abdomen for the longest possible time (at the same time, the abdominal wall will tighten, and it will be easier to pump the abdominal muscles correctly later).

As for the regularity and duration of training, the recommended norm for any strength training is one hour.

Then be sure to follow half an hour of cardio exercises:

  • elliptical trainer (as the safest for joints and veins);
  • exercise bike;
  • brisk walking with a certain heart rate.

Strength training for more than an hour will no longer be so effective, because after this time the muscles themselves will begin to “leave”.

The pulse is calculated individually, depending on age and weight.

A personal trainer will help you calculate the norms of heart rate indicators. Why do you need professional help?

If your goal is “fat burning”, then there are indicators for this.

If you want to develop endurance and train the heart muscle, then the indicators will be different.

Be healthy!

Beauty secrets

The face of Carmen Dell’Orefice is so attractive that it seems to be the embodiment of the idea of ​​beauty, grace and aristocracy.

In order for the face to remain well-groomed longer, Carmen advises:

  • use sunscreen constantly (the model herself even applies a protective cream at night);
  • moisturize the skin with all the products you have every day (Carmen admits that she moisturizes the skin with “everything that comes to hand”);
  • apply high-quality cosmetics;
  • not be embarrassed by gray hair, but is proud of the well-deserved «silver».

Jilly Johnson: «No one in the world is able to say that he knows how a woman should look at 57!»

Jilly Johnson:

Jilly Johnson, a popular model in the UK, became famous for having twice participated in advertising shoots for lingerie. In itself, the fact for a modeling career is not surprising, but for the first time Jilly starred at 28, and then at 58! Until now, she looks great and advertises cosmetics and underwear. Is this not an example to follow!

Jilly’s advice is valuable because she is confident in the effectiveness of inexpensive face and body care products compared to branded ones.


Jilly cleans her face every day with the help of … a flannel napkin! The model is sure that soft flannel plays the role of a scrub, gently removing the obsolete layer of cells on the face. Gilly wipes her face every evening with a flannel cloth soaked in warm water.


As a foot scrub, Johnson recommends trying regenerating salt, which is used in dishwashers. It contains sodium ions that soften water, so the salt solution can be used for its intended purpose, i.e. cleanse the skin.

chest skin

To soften the skin in the décolleté area, Jilly advises using a mixture of sea salt and baby oil. Mix a handful of salt with baby oil and gently rub into the skin of the chest.

The model claims that laser procedures «rest» in comparison with this simple way to remove excess and nourish the skin with minerals. The catwalk queen advises doing this procedure every ten days.

Leather on the elbows

Dry skin on the elbows is a headache for many women. Jilly Johnson advises getting rid of discomfort with lemon juice. Fresh lemon juice acts as a bleaching agent and tidies up your elbows just as well as luxury creams.


A popular model in this case is also true to children’s products. She washes her hair with baby shampoo. She believes that they are gentle on the hair and control the release of fat.

In addition, Johnson uses a nourishing mask, invented independently. A mixture of avocado and olive oil is applied once a month to the hair roots and aged for 30 minutes.


This composition of the nourishing mask is not recommended for oily hair.

Keeping fit

The best tonic for women after 50 years, the model considers daily walks in the fresh air for at least an hour.

Expert comment

Maxim Kirillov, certified fitness trainer

The most relevant thing at the beginning of fitness classes for women 50+ is the presence of a well-chosen training plan.

Purpose of training:

  • improve health and general well-being;
  • increased flexibility;
  • maintaining a good metabolic rate.

To draw up an individual training plan, be sure to contact a specialist.

When drawing up such a plan, many factors are taken into account:

  • chronic diseases;
  • injuries and condition of the joints;
  • condition of the spine;
  • metabolism;
  • body composition;
  • the presence of training experience in the past;

Pro Tips:

  • give preference to the circular method of training;
  • stretching and yoga will be very helpful;
  • include in the cardio plan — swimming, cardio machines (it is better to choose an elliptical cardio machine instead of a treadmill).

Properly selected nutrition will be a mandatory component of the plan.


Women over 50 should take natural probiotics to improve digestion.

Add omega-3s to your diet to improve vascular health.

Training together with proper nutrition and daily routine will give a tremendous effect.

Be healthy at any age!

Unsurpassed beauties who have crossed the 50-60-year mark are considered all over the world as an example to follow in maintaining an amazing shape and confidence that age is not a sentence. You should not listen to what others say and succumb to other people’s ideas about how a woman should look when she is «well for …».

Demonstrate your example of a strong gray-haired personality!

Take the test

Test: will you become a long-liver?

Duke University scientists have created a small list of health indicators that ensure longevity. With statistical certainty, it can be argued that people with high scores can expect to live longer than average. Of course, a more accurate result can be obtained by supplementing the test with a complete medical examination, but an informal approach can also help you learn a lot about yourself. Try to answer the questions as honestly and objectively as possible.


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