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In our twenty-first century, when many girls love clothes that reveal more than hide, it is still not uncommon to see modest Muslim women in long dresses and with a hijab on their heads on the streets. A Muslim woman in a hijab — this seems logical and even familiar, but still, it is quite difficult for a person who does not profess Islam to understand why this hijab is, in fact, needed. It is clear that religion ascribes, but in general a lot of things are attributed to religion, and not all of these prescriptions are observed, even by people who sincerely believe. If you follow this logic, then it turns out that the hijab is still something more than just a prescription of the Koran, and clearly not a fashionable whim. Let’s try to figure out what it is — a hijab, how to wear it correctly and what it means for Muslim women.

Hijab — what is it?

In general, the word «hijab» in Arabic means «veil» and according to Islam means all clothing that covers the body from head to toe. But in Europe and in Russia, it is customary to call a hijab a headscarf with which Muslim women cover their heads, while leaving the whole face completely open. Islamic women are required to wear the hijab according to Sharia. But, as can be understood from the lips of the women themselves, for them wearing a hijab is more than just a duty. A girl in a hijab feels that she is thus serving Allah and, in addition, this scarf also symbolizes modesty, the rejection of vices that many attach to without even thinking about it.

Some people condemn those who wear the hijab, calling it just a flaunt of their religion and nothing more. But even the Orthodox religion prescribes to cover the head with a scarf at the entrance to the temple. In Islam, this applies to all life in general, and not just to visiting places of worship. But apart from religion, the hijab is just a symbol of modesty, as mentioned earlier. Indeed, among Muslims, respect for women has always been brought up to a greater extent in men, and in women — respect, first of all, for themselves and their piety.

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Hijab and style

It seems to many that wearing a hijab for a girl is not always pleasant, as it hides hair, which, as everyone knows, is very adornment of the fair sex. But in fact, this headdress cannot hide the true beauty, just as the clouds do not hide the light of the sun. That’s what Angelina Jolie once said, and you can certainly believe such a beauty.

In addition, if earlier hijabs were not given much attention — a headscarf and a headscarf, now it has already become a small branch of the fashion industry. And now you can find fashionable hijabs that will look unusual and interesting, as well as complement the image. For example, there are knitted multilayer hijabs that combine several colors at once. It is worth noting that they are quite popular. Although, of course, most often girls still prefer chiffon, silk hijabs, a more classic version, so to speak. But even such options can be found with some stylish details that make them more interesting. For example, embroidery, lurex, sequins, unusual colors. Thanks to the development of the Muslim fashion industry, Muslim girls can now dress stylishly and unusually, while respecting all the canons.

In addition, it is worth noting that you can find a lot of different ways of how you can beautifully wear a hijab. Even a simple scarf will look very stylish if you find some simple and interesting way to tie it yourself. One example is shown in the picture above.


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