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Have you ever wondered how Jennifer Aniston manages to stay in such good shape? Or how does Demi Moore manage to maintain her ideal weight? We will reveal a few secrets — perhaps some of them will help you lose those hated extra pounds.

Have you ever wondered how Jennifer Aniston manages to stay in such good shape? Or how does Demi Moore manage to maintain her ideal weight? We will reveal a few secrets — perhaps some of them will help you lose those hated extra pounds.

Five Factor Diet

This diet was developed by Harley Pasternak, who has helped many Hollywood celebrities with his diet methods. It is associated with the number 5 in all areas. It lasts 5 weeks, and includes exactly 5 meals a day, while the food must be prepared within 5 minutes. Each meal should consist of five basic elements — proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, healthy fats and liquid. In addition to proper and healthy nutrition, this method includes regular exercise and constant physical activity.

In addition, you need to do 5 different exercises for 5 minutes five times a week. Pasternak guarantees you that if you do certain physical exercises for 25 minutes five times a week, you will be satisfied with the results after five weeks. Exercises should be as follows: spend the first five minutes of cardio exercise to warm up; the next five minutes should be spent on strength training of the upper body — arms, back and chest. After ten minutes, continue to strengthen the lower body — legs and buttocks, and finish the classes again with cardio exercises. Cardio exercises can be gradually extended (up to 30 minutes). Avoid routine and change exercises more often.

Pasternak also took care of those who still eat junk food, despite the diet, so he included an additional 5 «non-diet» days. On such days (every Sunday, for example), you can eat whatever you want and not worry about it. Diet is nothing but healthy lifestyle — healthy eating and regular physical activity.

This diet has been used by: Eva Mendes, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Megan Fox, Kate Beckinsale, Katy Perry, Amanda Seyfried.

Fresh diet

Since the vast majority of the house almost no longer cook. Celebrities are just one of those people, but they have found their way out of this situation. Fresh diet includes meals and healthy snacks prepared especially for you with home delivery. Food is prepared based on your body weight and activity level. When you register on the web system, you can mark the products you like or dislike. You can also indicate if you are a vegetarian or if you cannot digest gluten. All your wishes will be taken into account.

Each dish is prepared separately according to your wishes and physical condition, helping to lose extra pounds. Such a system, unfortunately, is not yet well developed in our country, but we will soon be able to test it as well. Or you can be your own chef and cook what your personal trainer recommends. Think this way, you can save money and at the same time lose weight.

This diet has been used by: Paula Abdul, Olivia Munn, Maria Menounos, Shena Grimes.

low fat diet

This diet was discovered by Dr. Barry Sears after several years of working with diabetic patients and athletes who were forced to eat a certain type of food. He concluded that foods have exceptional healing powers, provided you follow certain rules when you eat them. He developed a diet based on controlling hormones and limiting the intake of certain macronutrients and calories.

In his scientific research, he showed several facts regarding the most common causes of obesity. The doctor emphasizes that many centuries ago, food contained equal amounts of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, and today omega-6 fats have increased by 20 percent. He also explains that cereals, which are labeled as the top of the food pyramid, are the cause of obesity around the world because they are consumed in excessive amounts.

In his way, he decided to replace typical meals (potatoes, bread, pasta and rice) with fruits and vegetables. The diet includes meals that contain the correct proportions of all macronutrients — 40 percent carbohydrate calories, 30 percent protein, and 30 percent healthy fats. He discerns healthy and unhealthy carbohydrates. Healthy foods are found in fruits and vegetables, while unhealthy foods are found in potatoes, cereals, bread, and pasta.

Sears recommends five meals a day (three main meals and two snacks), each containing less than 500 calories. Regular drinking water plays an important role in this diet, as it successfully helps to lose those extra pounds. The body that converts fat into energy requires up to 50 percent more water than usual.

This diet has been used by: Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock

You can try these diets for yourself, but be sure to take into account the characteristics of your body and do not forget about a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise.


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