Hollywood curls - what do they look like, who do they suit and how to make them?

Hollywood curls are not only a tribute to retro, but also a magnificent styling that will instantly transform both a young girl and a mature woman into a real beauty. This is one of the best hairstyle choices for a celebration, dressy evening and wedding. They come in several types, but in any of the selected options, your hair will look amazing.

What do Hollywood curls look like?

What styling will Hollywood curls of 2019 be at the peak of popularity of the new summer season?

  1. First of all, these are voluminous curls for long hair, beautifully flowing over the shoulders and back, both loose and matched in a chic ponytail, if there is such a desire. Another hairstyle can be asymmetrical, superbly laid on one side.

What do Hollywood curls look like?

  1. Hollywood stylish curls on medium length hair and on short hair, in any of the selected cases, whether long, medium or short hairstyles, your head will always look well-groomed and with a touch of a little hit negligence resulting from the effect of flowing hair.

Who suits Hollywood curls?

Hollywood curls with an iron are made quickly and effectively, but you need to decide on their types based on the type of face. So, with an oval, any curls will do, and lush curls will go more for women of fashion with a triangular shape, they can even be pinned at shoulder or neck level, thereby creating even more visual volume, like the divas of old Hollywood. If you have a square or round face, then loose curls with a pile are best combined with large features so that the main volume is made in height, and not in width, or gathered strands framing the contour of the face.

who suits Hollywood curls

Hollywood beautiful curls, with the right selection according to the shape of the face, go to all women without exception. This hairstyle is universal, it fits any general conceived appearance, even a business suit. Especially such hairstyles are relevant in preparation for the holiday and important events in life, such as a wedding, anniversary or gala reception. She is also loved to make mega stars for publication and for every day.

How to make Hollywood curls?

Light Hollywood curls are easy to make with a curling iron and ironing, in both cases, depending on the thickness of the hair, it will take 10 to 20 minutes on average. First you need to wash your hair, then dry it, then treat your hair with a spray that protects against overheating, and start creating a chic head of hair, dividing the hair into strands, and wind it one by one. Then fluff them up, sprinkle them with fixation varnish, and that’s it, a great hairstyle is ready.

how to make hollywood curls

The best and fastest Hollywood curls will be made by experienced masters who will immediately determine your type and select a hairstyle that is suitable only for you in order to turn you into a stunning beauty in an instant. Curls are made not only with the help of an iron or curling iron, hair can still be wound on curlers, or a long-lasting hairstyle can be made using permed hair, here the choice will depend on personal preferences and the purpose of the created images.

Light Hollywood curls

Hollywood curls for long hair

Want to get a chic hairstyle, but prefer loose curls? Hollywood curls for long hair are your choice, because they are done quickly, do not need additional care, and you will look your best. The effect of slight negligence can be emphasized by fluffy strands that beautifully frame the face, and curls will fall over the shoulders and back. If there is a desire that the strands do not fall on the face, then they can be stabbed with invisibility or put on a hoop that restrains and fixes the curls. In a festive version, this can be a diadem.

Hollywood curls for long hair

Loose Hollywood curls remain the most popular among curls, light, textured, careless or carefully arranged strands turn any woman and girl into a true princess, add a touch of romance, femininity and light charm inherent in Hollywood stars to the overall conceived image. love this hairstyle.

Hollywood curls for long

Hollywood curls for medium hair

A wonderful choice of hairstyles for every day and not only — these are Hollywood curls for medium hair, the length of which is optimal for creating any curls. In order to make amazing curls, you need to use a curling iron, iron or curlers, the choice depends on the amount of time that is left to do the hairstyle, but even curlers can be dried with a hairdryer.

Hollywood curls for medium hair

Stylists note that in order to make perfect Hollywood curls, you need to follow some rules:

  • use heat protectants before styling;
  • carefully select modeling products that are suitable only for your hair type;
  • divide hair only into thin strands to make it easier to curl;
  • until the strands have completely cooled, it is not advisable to separate them with a comb or hands.

Hollywood curls on medium

Hollywood curls for short hair

If you prefer haircuts, but want to modify your hairstyle, feel free to choose Hollywood curls for short hair to create a completely new look that will sparkle in a different way and transform you into a charming beauty in an instant. What is needed for this? At home, as well as in salons, you can use curlers, curling irons and irons, which is at hand, or as an experienced master decides. Strand by strand, gently twist your hair until all the strands are twisted, and fix the result with strong hold hairspray.

Hollywood curls for short hairHollywood curls for short

Fashionable Hollywood curls

In the new season, Hollywood curls for long hair come to the fore, because they are incredibly convenient and comfortable, always look beautiful, and are in no way inferior to bulky and lush styling. They have a stunning look, perfectly frame the face and hide all the minor flaws in appearance, transferring visual accents to their merits. They can be both large and voluminous, as well as small and falling individual strands, here the choice depends on the shape of the face and personal preferences.

trendy hollywood curls

Hollywood curls are the choice of mega stars for special occasions and more. After all, this hairstyle is done quickly, and the result exceeds all expectations, and is very suitable for evening wear and the red carpet. These hairstyles easily fit into everyday life, bringing notes of charm, a certain charm and elegance to the overall conceived appearance.

Hollywood curls for long

Hollywood curls on a square

Do you want to change your favorite hairstyle? Choose Hollywood curls for a short square, and the haircut itself does not need to be changed, and it can be easily transformed. Parting will also help to give some zest to the hairstyle, if it is done on the side or in a zigzag, and the strands are pre-treated with hair foam, then wound on a curling iron or iron, it doesn’t matter, or on small and soft curlers, which will take longer, but the curls will last longer until you wash your hair.

Hollywood curls on a square

Hollywood curls can be done inward or outward, depending on where the strands were twisted, the appearance of the hairstyle will also change, and you will get a new styling every time by experimenting with the direction of winding the hair. Curled curls can be left loose, or one part can be chopped off with a hairpin, creating an asymmetric effect, which will change the appearance and give it more elegance.

Hollywood curls on a short bob

Hollywood curls with bangs

Curling Hollywood curls with bangs is a win-win solution to get a chic hairstyle. It can be done in several ways. Firstly, with the help of thermal curlers, curling irons and ironing, and there is also a method that was resorted to in antiquity — to braid several braids for the night on wet hair. To get light voluminous curls, you can make only two French braids, and for small curls — a lot of thin braids. You can twist bundles of hair and chop them with invisible ones.

Hollywood curls with bangs

Hollywood curls can be done with a smooth and thick bang, straight or oblique, or also wind it up, it depends on the type of face and personal preferences. If you have a wide forehead and protruding cheekbones, then it is better to leave the bangs, as Hollywood stars do, not twisted, and when you want to achieve the effect of full wavy hair, then the bangs are curled with a curling iron, iron or curlers, it is difficult to braid them because of its length .

perm hollywood curls

Hollywood curls on the side

Very interesting hairstyles are Hollywood curls on one side, when an asymmetrical styling is done on one side, and the strands fall beautifully on one side only. These styling can be done with hairpins, invisible hairpins and hairpins, or combed and fixed with strong hold varnish. Such curls fit perfectly not only in everyday looks, but also successfully complement and are the finishing touch in evening and elegant bows, even fit under a wedding ensemble.

Hollywood curls on the sideHollywood curls to one side

Voluminous Hollywood curls

Hollywood curls with volume are easy to create with the help of wide thermal curlers if you decide to do your own hair at home. It is worth remembering that dry hair should be wound on curlers heated according to the instructions. Divide all hair into three parts, central, left and right, and in turn, separating strand by strand, wind until all hair is curled, sprinkle with varnish.

voluminous Hollywood curls

Then let it cool, remove the curlers carefully, trying to keep the curls as much as possible, then separate each curl with your fingers or a thin comb and fluff it. Gorgeous hairstyle for all occasions is ready. In the salon, experienced craftsmen will make you such a styling with professional tools, they may offer a long-term option — perm, but this is good if you decide to walk with curls for a long time, and not create a masterpiece for one day or evening.

Hollywood curls with volume

Hollywood bouffant curls

How to make beautiful Hollywood curls so that the top of the hairstyle is raised? Having previously combed each strand separately, fixing them with a curling iron or iron, and then wind it from the tips to the top of the head, and depending on what kind of hairstyle you want to get, choose the direction of winding — inward or outward. Bouffant will give more volume and is suitable for those who do not have an ideal oval face shape.

Hollywood bouffant curls

This hairstyle is able to brighten up minor errors in appearance, transfer visual attention to the dignity of the face, and beautifully framing strands will still hide protruding cheekbones or a strong-willed chin. It suits absolutely all women, easily fits into any conceived bow of urban chic and street style, even in business and elegant ensembles, as well as in youth retro hippies, grunge and romantic boho and Provence.

beautiful Hollywood curls

Big Hollywood curls

In order to make an amazing hairstyle, you need a curling iron for Hollywood curls, with which hair of any length curls quickly and efficiently. How to use it to make a perm yourself? Very simple. Apply fixation foam to washed and dried hair, then divide the hair into thin strands and start winding them on a curling iron, hold for a few seconds, but so as not to burn or overdo the hair, then fluff the resulting curls and sprinkle them with varnish.

big Hollywood curlscurling iron for Hollywood curls

Hollywood curls on the cascade

Stylish Hollywood curls look great on cascading haircuts, because stepped hairstyles add pomp on their own, and wavy curls add amazing volume. They are made just as easily as on straight or ragged haircuts with the help of curlers, braids, pins, curling irons and ironing. Who likes it best, and who can. In the hairdressing salon, experienced masters will make you an excellent styling with the help of professional products, with which you will instantly change for the better.

Hollywood curls on the cascadeStylish Hollywood curls

Hollywood curls with a hairpin

If you are not satisfied with the deliberate carelessness of loose hair, then a female hairstyle — Hollywood curls, made and styled with the help of diverse hairpins — is your choice. You can use machine hairpins, crabs, hit bananas, depending on how you want to pin up your hair. You can even pick them up to one side and fix them with beautiful invisible hairpins to make a ponytail, it is better to use bananas and voluminous elastic bands, and for asymmetrical laying on one side — beautiful and non-trivial hairpins with rhinestones and other decor.

Hollywood curls with a hairpinwomen's hairstyle hollywood curls

Hollywood curls for a wedding

Gorgeous hair is a chic choice for a wedding, and the bride can make Hollywood curls herself at home, without resorting to the services of a hairdresser, provided that she has her own magnificent hair and does not need additional processing, bouffant and other subtleties to create stylish hairstyles. Moreover, this styling can be done both on long hair and on short hair, additionally decorating it with an extraordinary hairpin, diadem or wreath with a veil, as you like, here the choice depends on personal preferences.

Hollywood curls for weddingsHollywood bride curls


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