Honey hair color - a fashionable coloring option for girls and women

The palette of shades of strands is so rich that sometimes girls get lost in the choice. Honey hair color is an excellent option that suits many beauties. There are many variations in which tones can be presented, so their choice can be made taking into account the characteristics of a particular appearance.

What hair color is honey?

A very beautiful red tone is a honey hair color. It is incredibly popular, so more and more girls choose this coloring. The palette of honey shades is extremely rich, among the most popular variations of shades are the following:

  1. Honey blonde sparkles and looks incredibly beautiful. Curls are light, with hints of gold. This tone looks excellent with blue and gray eyes, but it is also excellent in tandem with brown eyes.
  2. Caramel honey looks great. Red notes are suitable for girls with brown or green eyes.
  3. Light brown honey helps bring interesting notes to a boring natural version. Suitable for girls with gray and blue eyes.
  4. Chestnut honey brown hair color looks like rich chocolate.
  5. Copper-honey makes the appearance bright and memorable. It is ideal for spring color type.

what hair color is honeyhoney hair color

Who suits honey hair color?

Many fashionistas are interested in knowing who suits honey hair color? Although this shade is popular, you should not rush into coloring. It is better to figure out what type of appearance suits this tone:

  1. This tone looks best in tandem with peach, pink or beige skin. It is better to refuse to change the style with mother-of-pearl, pearl or porcelain skin.
  2. Changes in appearance are ideal if the lady has green, amber or deep blue eyes. The gray color will become somewhat dull, but interesting against the background of honey.
  3. Lips should be light, otherwise dissonance will result. It is not necessary to emphasize them with lipstick, because the feminine image will immediately cease to be such.
  4. If natural hair is close in color to light blond, chestnut, wheat, then coloring will only brighten up the image. For example, the result can be a rich wheat-honey hair color. Coloring is not recommended for women with silver or purple hair.
  5. Even dark-haired fashionistas can try this shade, although they need to be careful, it can ruin the structure of the strands if the paint is not very high quality.

who suits honey hair colorwheat honey hair colorhoney hair coloring

Honey hair color for green eyes

Young ladies with green eyes are extremely bright color types. Beautiful honey hair color is ideal for such beauties. The advantages of this shade of eyes are as follows:

  1. You can try on yourself all shades of red.
  2. The color of the eyes changes depending on the lighting.
  3. Complementing the appearance with makeup is absolutely not necessary.
  4. Different coloring techniques look good.
  5. Honey hair color is suitable for luxurious owners of gray-green eyes (if there are red or copper notes), dark green with a spicy brown undertone (with a light brown tint), light green (caramel shades look harmonious), green-azure (light brown notes look good , or honey with chestnut).

honey hair color for green eyes

Honey hair color for blue eyes

Blue eyes are very attractive, they intrigue and fascinate. In addition to light shades of strands, blue-eyed beauties may also be interested in such an option as warm honey hair color. The best variations of this shade for blue eyes are as follows:

  1. Grey-blue eyes. Suitable honey with a light brown tint. It is better to refuse red or chestnut shades.
  2. Blue eyes. Honey hair color looks good in tandem with red, blond or chocolate. When choosing the optimal shade, you need to pay attention to skin tone.
  3. Light blue eyes. You can make the staining in honey-blond or honey-chestnut tone.

honey hair color for blue eyeswarm honey hair color

Honey hair color for gray eyes

The gray color of the eyes provides an opportunity to try on yourself almost any tone of the strands:

  1. You can take a closer look at bronze honey, honey chestnut, reddish honey and warm honey.
  2. Golden honey hair color will look unsurpassed.
  3. A shade with light brown notes also looks interesting, especially if the girl has cold skin.

honey hair color for gray eyes

Honey hair color for brown eyes

Brown eyes look bright and deep. They provide the ability to carry out almost any staining, but some colors still look better than others. As for honey, brown-eyed girls should consider such options for its palette as: golden, caramel or amber honey, chestnut honey, light honey or light brown honey. Dark honey hair color is also acceptable, but it is advisable to abandon too dark colors so that the image does not look disharmonious.

honey hair color for brown eyes

Hair coloring honey color

Choosing the right hair color, honey shades can be considered in a variety of variations. This tone makes curls radiant, it will help correct age-related changes and creates a feeling of sun glare even in cloudy weather:

  1. In its shades, the honey rich hair color is diverse: it occurs from light golden wheaten to brown with a honey tint. It is excellent on both pale and dark and olive skin. It is best to paint it with blondes with brown or green eyes.
  2. The most spectacular tandem is a honey tone and green eyes. If the eyes are cold, a beige shade will do. With a rich shade of eyes, it is better to look at the tone with golden or reddish notes. For dark-eyed beauties, creamy honey tones are ideal.
  3. For coloring, you can choose both tint products and permanent paints, it all depends on the desire of the girl. It is advisable to paint in the salon, since it will not be so easy to achieve the desired shade. The most important thing is that the hair does not become yellow or red.

The most popular shades in the palette are as follows:

  • honey blonde — a universal shade for white-skinned blondes;
  • dark honey — suitable for brown-eyed ladies;
  • caramel-honey — designed for girls with green or brown eyes and slightly dark skin;
  • copper-honey — ideal for green-eyed beauties;
  • beige-wheat — characterized by versatility due to its neutrality.

honey hair coloringhoney hair colorwhat hair color is honey

Hair color honey blonde

Honey blonde is now gaining more and more popularity among girls. It has many shades, so at first it will be right to deal with them:

  • copper — closer to red, brings bright notes to the image;
  • light brown with dark pigment — adds interest to the natural color of the strands;
  • caramel is a real trend of the season, giving the effect of burnt curls;
  • blond — light honey hair color with golden notes;
  • beige wheat — looks more natural in comparison with others;
  • honey golden — adds radiance to the face, refreshes the image;
  • honey blonde — suitable for almost all girls;
  • honey-red — thanks to this exquisite shade, the image is bold and catchy.

Most shades of honey blonde are suitable for girls under 30 with a catchy appearance: they should have blue, green or brown eyes, dark skin. Type of appearance — summer or spring. Honey light hair color does not tolerate too catchy makeup and defiant clothing. It rejuvenates and softens facial features. Looks good with freckles, brings playful and mysterious notes to the image.

honey blonde hair colorlight honey hair colorwho suits honey hair color

Honey caramel hair color

The honey-caramel tone is considered very unusual and bright, it amazes with its tints:

  1. Light honey-caramel shade looks great in balayage technique. At the same time, several tones are combined at once: for example, natural caramel, light blond and honey.
  2. The dark honey caramel tone also looks very impressive, helping to create a very fashionable look.
  3. You can make honey-caramel coloring using the ombre technique. In this case, the roots must necessarily have a dark tone in order to get a beautiful transition from dark to light. This is the perfect choice for fair-skinned girls with brown eyes.
  4. If honey-caramel hair color is chosen, a short haircut will look unbeatable, as well as elongated curls.

honey caramel hair colorbeautiful honey hair colorgolden honey hair color

Honey blonde hair color

Honey-brown coloring is characterized by the presence of a special pigment. This tone can be called light blond with spicy golden notes. It harmonizes extremely organically with blue or gray eyes. The honey-nut hair color looks very beautiful and noble, it will be appreciated by both very young ladies and older ladies.

honey blonde hair color

Honey red hair color

Red-beige-honey hair color enjoys great love of girls. It is believed that this shade speaks of the bright and passionate character of the owner, which is why it attracts men so much. This fiery shade is best suited for girls whose eye tone is green in a variety of variations. The skin should not be too pale, otherwise the image will seem painful.

honey red hair colorbeige honey hair color

Honey brown hair color

A very warm and attractive option, suitable for almost all young ladies, is a honey-chocolate hair color. You can use different coloring techniques, but it is better to go to a good salon to get the desired color. This shade is great for dark-haired ladies, because they do not need to do much harm to the curls with lightening.

honey brown hair color

Ash honey hair color

Ashy cold honey hair color looks just incredible. This is a good choice for girls with brown or green eyes. The shade goes well with both light and dark skin. Plays of honey color make the hairstyle more voluminous, so that the coloring is suitable for owners of weak curls, this is another indisputable advantage of this tone.

ash honey hair color

Honey ombre hair color

Ombre is one of the most successful techniques that provides an opportunity to create a honey hair color for short hair or medium or long curls. Coloring at the same time looks very impressive, but this requires dark roots of curls:

  1. Outwardly, an ombre with honey looks like strands that are slightly burnt out in the sun. Stretching looks so natural that in some cases you may not understand that the curls are colored. It turns out an incredibly stylish image, which at the same time suits any girl.
  2. It is worth noting that the ombre staining technique cannot be performed at home with high quality, because it is very complicated. So an experienced master should deal with it. Otherwise, there can be no talk of any effect of naturalness.

honey ombre hair color

Honey hair color highlights

The beige-honey hair color looks very nice, for the creation of which the highlighting technique was used. It helps to reveal the full depth of the shade and gives the strands extra volume. Possible highlighting options are as follows:

  1. classic. Hair is evenly dyed along the entire length. The width of the strand ranges from 2 to 5 mm.
  2. Zonal. Suitable for thin and sensitive strands. Only the top layer is processed with, and the rest of the curls are either not touched or tinted with products without ammonia.
  3. Blonding is suitable for owners of dark hair. The result looks expensive and luxurious. At home, you should not engage in such highlighting, since there is a risk of encountering yellow curls.
  4. Shatush. This is the softest of all possible techniques. It creates the feeling that the curls are naturally burned out in the sun.
  5. Venetian. Here, only individual curls are painted and only in close tones.

honey hair color highlights


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