Houndstooth print - who suits and what to wear?

Clothing is recognizable not only due to its cut, but also to those drawings and characteristic patterns that are applied to the fabric. So, one of the most recognizable is the houndstooth print. This ornament has a long history and is an indicator of sophisticated style and elegance.

Houndstooth print — history

Like many of today’s classic patterns on clothes, the houndstooth print came to us from Scotland. The following historical features can be noted:

  1. Textiles with a woven ornament in the form of broken squares were also used in the early Middle Ages.
  2. The early houndstooth pattern, whose history dates back to ancient times, is still popular today. It was woven from a combination of two colors, often black and white.
  3. If in the early Middle Ages someone wore a kilt made of wool woven with this pattern, then this meant that the man did not belong to any clan, but maintained neutrality.

print houndstooth storyhoundstooth pattern history

Who suits the houndstooth print?

Such a pattern as a houndstooth print in clothes has its own characteristics that should be considered when wearing:

  1. It is very colorful, although a combination of only two colors is used. This feature is especially evident when the «small goose foot» pattern is used, which is often repeated. Therefore, like any small pattern on the fabric, it is able to visually increase the volume. This is due to the fact that such variations of models are ideal for thin and slender young ladies.
  2. You should carefully consider the selection of clothes for plus-size girls. Clothing with such a pattern should be diluted with plain elements of clothing. This technique will help divert attention from problem areas.

who suits houndstooth printhoundstooth ornament

Women’s clothing with houndstooth print

Women’s clothing, which is made using houndstooth fabric, is distinguished by elegance and British charm:

  1. This pattern is used mostly on the clothes of classic models. And only recently, he began to decorate many models of flared skirts, sweaters and sports leggings, oversized loose-fitting products.
  2. The houndstooth print is easily recognizable, but not very common. He is preferred to be seen in strictly cut clothes, office bows, accessories and outerwear.

houndstooth print women's clothingfabric houndstooth

Houndstooth coat

Many fashionistas are wondering: what to wear with a coat in «houndstooth»? This is a bright and eye-catching outerwear, which is endowed with the following features:

  1. A coat of any cut, sewn from a dense fabric with a printed pattern, will be elegant and stylish. The most common colors are black and white, gray and black, red and black and blue and white.
  2. Classic shades in coats are always popular. Coats with this pattern are perfectly combined with plain classic trousers, skirts, jeans.
  3. The main thing in combination with a coat is to avoid an excessive combination of various prints.

coat houndstooth

Houndstooth coat

what to wear with a houndstooth coattrendy print houndstooth

Down jacket with houndstooth print

Thanks to the colors that are not typical for such things, the houndstooth down jacket will stand out completely:

  1. Previously, this pattern was used exclusively as the main pattern in many classic-cut coats, jackets, jackets, suits and dresses made of thick fabric. Nowadays, the motley houndstooth print is also applicable to such things as winter down jackets and jackets.
  2. A down jacket of any length in the new winter season will look original with such a pattern. It can be a color not only in a classic black and white combination, but also in a combination of different bright or pastel shades.
  3. A down jacket can have a fur collar or a fur trim of the hood, which does not contradict the overall color.

houndstooth print down jacket

Houndstooth dress

A thing that is classic and familiar to the wardrobe of many is a dress with a houndstooth pattern:

  1. Such a dress with a pattern of a classic combination of colors will be appropriate in the office, at a business dinner, at negotiations.
  2. The dress can be combined with a plain jacket. It would be best to choose a jacket or blazer in one of the two colors that make up the motley houndstooth print on the dress.
  3. Currently, you can find a dress not only made of thick woolen fabric, but also summer options made of linen or cotton.
  4. Informal dress patterns can be made from satin, silk, thin lined chiffon.

houndstooth dress

Houndstooth dress

houndstooth print dresswhat to wear with houndstooth print

Trousers «houndstooth»

Girls who want to match the latest fashion trends are wondering: what to wear with houndstooth trousers? This product has the following features:

  • it is not only a stylish thing, but also bright, although it has a black and white color;
  • this is a coloring that visually expands the forms, so you should choose this pattern with care;
  • classic trousers, bananas and cropped skinny trousers will attract attention, and the whole image should already be built around them: choose a jacket, blouse or sweater, a suitable jacket, shoes and outerwear;
  • these trousers will go well with plain things. You can dilute the image with a handbag with inserts with the same pattern.

houndstooth trousers

Houndstooth costume

Classic suits, trouser or with a skirt, made of fabric with a similar pattern are examples of English elegance and special charm:

  1. Such suits are suitable not only for office everyday life, where a clear black and white dress code is not declared, it is also good to have dinner with friends in them.
  2. It is worth paying attention to the colors and the combination of two colors in order to choose a blouse or shirt to match, combine a thing with a handbag and other accessories.
  3. The crow’s feet pattern requires special attention to the combination of colors, it is very easy to overdo it with shades and geometry.

costume houndstooth

Houndstooth costume

drawing crow's feetfabric houndstooth

Houndstooth sweater

Sweaters, which are characterized by houndstooth colors, are not uncommon in recent seasons. Gone are the days when such a pattern was considered not very common and had to decorate only elegant clothes, coats, classic suits and strict dresses. A sweater with such an ornament all over the canvas is a youthful and very memorable thing. Designers offer vivid experiments with the size of the pattern and with color:

  1. Classic black-and-white and gray-black versions of the «pawed» print on the knitting of sweaters give way to fashionable combinations of shades, «crow’s feet» become larger.
  2. On some models of sweaters, representing the English classics with large patches on the elbows, the patches are made of dense fabric with such a pattern.

sweater houndstooth

Houndstooth sweater

houndstooth coloringhoundstooth ornament

Houndstooth skirt

Extremely popular in recent seasons are houndstooth print skirts:

  1. These are not necessarily strict classic models of woolen skirts. Fabric with a pattern began to be produced in the thinnest variety, such as silk, satin, chiffon and even translucent tulle. Therefore, even the most daring models of youth skirts can be made in this version.
  2. The most stylish and classic models are the houndstooth pencil skirt, ideal for office everyday.
  3. You can find an A-line skirt, a fashionable provocative mini, and flared maxi skirts.
  4. Inserts with such patterns are becoming more and more popular.
  5. Youth models of skirts, such as tulle tutus, can also be found with this pattern.

skirt houndstooth

Houndstooth skirt

houndstooth print skirtshoundstooth pencil skirt

Houndstooth jacket

A thing that can be worn both in the office and in an informal setting is a houndstooth jacket:

  1. Models of classic, discreet colors are especially relevant: black and white, blue-black, gray-black. This color option is suitable for wearing a jacket to the office and for a business dinner.
  2. Brighter or more informal colors make it possible to wear such a thing during meetings with friends, shopping, and weekends.
  3. A jacket with a similar pattern goes well with jeans of any cut, regardless of the color of the “legs”, with classic skirts and skirts with a straight and slightly flared cut, with plain classic trousers and plain cropped trousers.

houndstooth jacket

Houndstooth leggings

Leggings, especially athletic ones, allow you to wear a variety of color styles. Houndstooth tights are not common, but you can find them:

  1. Such leggings are suitable for slim girls, as the houndstooth print visually makes them look fatter and adds extra centimeters. The bright, contrasting black and white version attracts increased attention, especially in the version of leggings.
  2. You can choose paws in more discreet color combinations, such as coffee with milk and beige, brown and beige, light gray and white.
  3. New — pastel shades combined with white.

leggings houndstooth

Houndstooth Scarf

Scarves are the only accessory that has used the houndstooth pattern for many seasons in a row:

  1. Such a scarf immediately becomes one of the chord things of the image. It goes well with plain coats, leather jackets, cardigans and as an addition to any bow.
  2. The main secret of the successful use of a scarf is its combination with monophonic things, with models that are not colorful.
  3. Warm wool scarves traditionally use this pattern, but this pattern is also popular on thin scarves.

scarf houndstoothhoundstooth ornament

Houndstooth bag

An invention of the last few years is the trendy houndstooth print on bags:

  1. It is used in several forms: as a textile or wool upholstery of a leather bag, as a print on a leather canvas, or as bright inserts that emphasize the product.
  2. Textile upholstery of the bag is a favorite technique for many, such bags are popular, they go well with clothes. The pattern in this case makes the bag appropriate in combination with a strict office style.
  3. Drawing on leather or leatherette is also a fashionable and stylish accent. Inserts do not overload the surface of the bag, but complement it with only the necessary details.

houndstooth bagtrendy print houndstooth

What to wear with a houndstooth print?

This is the color option that requires special attention and careful selection of colors for clothes and shoes. Therefore, for many girls, the question is relevant: what to wear with a houndstooth skirt and other types of clothing? When combining things, the following points are taken into account:

  1. With special care to select accessories and jewelry. The pattern is not so simple in combination with other colors. It practically does not combine with any geometric coloring.
  2. The pattern is best worn with solid colors. If a skirt with such a pattern is chosen, then it is better to choose a jacket, blouse, blazer in plain colors.
  3. It is easiest to choose the color combination of the rest of the clothes for black and white colors. For drawings of brighter shades, it would be ideal to choose clothes to match one of the two colors.
  4. A win-win option will be products of delicate pastel colors, they will soften the image and make it more sophisticated. This applies to both wardrobe items and shoes, handbags, and all kinds of accessories, such as scarves and hats.

what to wear with houndstooth printhoundstooth print women's clothing


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