hourglass body type

Women with an hourglass figure most often have medium or small sizes, a small waist, a large or medium bust line, and broad shoulders. Their hips are the same width as their shoulders. When girls with an hourglass figure gain weight, the extra pounds are usually evenly dispersed in all parts of the body, which makes it possible to maintain the usual proportions. When choosing a wardrobe for the hourglass type of a female figure, it is necessary to emphasize a thin waist, uniformity and proportionality of the bottom and top of the figure.

Dressing for an hourglass figure

The wardrobe for girls with an hourglass figure must include the right pants. At the same time, understand the only important rule that says — the larger the hip line, the more versatile and simple the style should be. For full girls with such a figure, trumpet trousers or a straight cut of trousers that will fit well to the waist are perfect. If you have a full tummy, then try on pants with a low waist or with a large insert at the waistline. A large number of celebrities with an hourglass figure quite often choose wide trousers, but they always fit well and fit all the necessary parts of the body. Such models can be worn in one set with long jackets and all kinds of vests. Also in this case, you can use a string of pearls as an accessory, since at the moment the style of the last century is in fashion.

The best skirt for you will be a pencil skirt option, created from stretch fabric, which has a medium density. This version with an insert on the waist line very favorably highlights the stunning proportions, tightened muscles of the body. In the coming season, the flared skirt does not lose its relevance, which will perfectly fit into any women’s wardrobe. Clear lines allow you to create the right styles, and beautiful models with different shades will only suit you.

As for trousers made of denim, choose products with a slightly low waist, as well as straight and classic styles. An excellent choice is a model of piping jeans, while their waistline will vary greatly. A slightly raised line, for example, can hide bulging sides. But from models that tightly fit the hips and stomach, it is best to refuse, because they are unlikely to suit you.

How to emphasize an hourglass figure?

Let’s figure out what girls with an hourglass figure should wear. Branded stylish things are perfect for your figure. A-line skirts made of dense fabric are perfect for every day, since these models are the best to emphasize the silhouette.

Dresses for the hourglass figure are the most winning clothes, and the owners of such shapes will suit a different cut. Most importantly, models should always have a clearly defined waist.

Swimwear for an hourglass figure will suit almost any, since you have ideal proportions by nature.

As for the choice of top, keep in mind that the larger the upper part of the figure, the simpler the style of the clothes should be. Choose fitted and simple blouses and shirts with all sorts of vertical inserts and seams, as they perfectly emphasize the figure. Products choose from soft and light fabrics — for example, from muslin, silk and chiffon materials. The creators of the collections in the upcoming season offer energetic, provocative colors, in addition to calm classic shades to balance the brightness. The best choice is neat prints, as well as calm and plain models. U- and V-shaped cutouts will look great. When choosing a jacket, look for products with vertical seams, and owners of small sizes should choose jackets with one side in the style of the 20-30s with a single button. Products with two sides are perfect for women with more magnificent forms.


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