By right, the standard of femininity can be called the hourglass figure — it is to this ideal that many stylists try to visually bring the silhouette of a woman closer. This type of figure is characterized by a pronounced waist, hips and shoulders are approximately the same width, and the chest girth is equal to the hip girth (the notorious 90-60-90 is just from here).

Female hourglass figure

The hourglass figure can rightfully be considered ideal, so clothes should emphasize your natural forms, and you will never face the problem of visual adjustment of body proportions.

Consider what should be guided by when choosing the style and styles of clothing for the hourglass figure type:

  1. Emphasize the waist. Strict high-waisted skirts, dresses with a belt or strap, tight-fitting styles of dresses and blouses will perfectly cope with this task.
  2. Observe the harmony of the top and bottom. When choosing combinations of the top and bottom of the wardrobe, pay special attention to ensure that the clothes are not overloaded — it is unlikely that you will be wearing a jacket that visually increases the volume of the shoulders.
  3. Softly emphasize the femininity of forms. For an hourglass figure, you can choose a skirt that is narrow at the hips, tight-fitting sweaters and shirts. However, overly tight styles should be avoided.

Choosing clothes for the type of female figure «hourglass»

Many strive for such an ideal, but clothes that place the wrong accents can instantly spoil all the harmony of your body shapes. Consider what styles should be preferred, and how to emphasize the hourglass figure:

We choose the top. Pay attention to tight-fitting blouses, knee-highs, tops, but it is important that the thing is not too tight — in this case, the chest will look too massive. It is not recommended to wear knee-high socks, as well as loose tops and blouses without an emphasis on the waist. The ideal styles are V-neck, with a wrap on the chest or with ties at the neck. Be careful with sleeves — if they make the top look bigger, create balance with a puffy bottom.

Beautiful dresses for the female hourglass figure. It will not be difficult for you to choose a dress for the hourglass figure type. The main thing is to avoid baggy and wide models and do not forget about a powerful accent on the waist. Models will look beautiful with a dress with a wrap on the chest, a loose skirt.

Also, for a woman with an hourglass figure, an A-line dress would be an excellent option, provided that the waist is emphasized and the neckline is shallow.

For special occasions and parties, you can give preference to tight-fitting dresses that gently emphasize the shape of the female body.

Skirt styles for an hourglass figure. A casual option for this type of figure can be everyone’s favorite style of a pencil skirt, easily fitting, but not tightening the outlines of the hips.

A more sophisticated option can be a tulip skirt that emphasizes the waist. However, it should be approached with caution — some styles visually increase the hips.

In the summer, for the beach or walking, a skirt made of light fabrics with soft drapery will be an excellent option, provided that the waist is emphasized with a belt.

Pants for an hourglass figure. The most win-win will be the classic version — strict straight trousers.

As for jeans for an hourglass figure, here you should avoid the traditional version of skinny models — let’s go with a flared cut.

Or you can make a knight’s move by choosing a flared style from the hip, known as a palazzo.

However, it should be remembered that there are actually not so many women with a strict type of figure, mostly the representatives of the fair half have mixed types — “hourglass — pear”, when the width of the hips is greater than the width of the shoulders, or “hourglass — triangle” if, on the contrary, the shoulders are wider than the hips. In this case, we advise you to also listen to the recommendations regarding your excellent body type.


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