Baths with the addition of sea salt are actively used in spa treatment and are practiced in most healing spa centers. But you can cook them and get all the benefits at home. It is enough to take a full bath of warm water and put salt.

How to choose it, how much to add and what it will give — tells MedAboutMe.

Bath Salts: The Top 3 Choices for Your Home

There are dozens of different types of salt that are used both in nutrition and in health-improving procedures. What kind of salt to enrich your diet, we told in the material «How to choose salt: top 11 most popular options.» It’s time to talk about what salts are good for the body.

On sale there are different bath salts: snow-white and colored, with the addition of medicinal herbs and essential oils. When choosing salt, make sure that it does not contain dyes and flavors, unknown substances. The fact is that when steaming the skin in the bathroom, these compounds can easily penetrate the body and cause harm.

For home procedures, three types of salt are the best choice. Although other options are possible.

  • Epsom salt. It is incredibly rich in magnesium sulfate, which means it can make up for its deficiency in the body. Very effective for anxiety and stress, loss of strength and bad mood. Helps relieve tension and pain in the joints and muscles, return to tone after exhausting workouts or physical exertion.
  • Salt from the Dead Sea. It has a huge content of minerals and salts, many of which are not found in salts of other types. And the concentration of nutrients beats all records. For example, the content of magnesium in salt reaches 35%, potassium — 28%, sodium — 8%, calcium — 0.5%, and sulfur — 0.2%. Such salt is indispensable for enriching the skin with minerals and moisturizing it. In a 2005 study, it was proven to create a protective barrier that prevents skin from losing moisture.
  • Pink Himalayan salt. The beautiful pink hue of the salt comes from trace amounts of iron. Such salt is very useful for moisturizing the skin and saturating it with minerals, achieving a general healing effect.

On a note!

Sea salt retains its properties only when properly stored — away from direct sunlight, sources of moisture and foreign odors.

The benefits and healing properties of salt baths

The benefits and healing properties of salt baths

Many people underestimate salt baths, but meanwhile, they can bring many benefits to human health.

The bliss in the bath enhances blood circulation and improves the health of the heart system, restores the body’s immune functions, removes excess water and toxins.

After taking a relaxing bath, well-being and mood improve, vitality increases. Pain is reduced in a number of chronic diseases, the healing process is accelerated.

The substances present in the salt help in this. It can be sodium, potassium, calcium, iodine, magnesium, bromine, fluorine and many others, depending on the variety.

Did you know?

The most expensive sea salt in the world is French. It has an unusual sweet taste, and its cost can reach 2 thousand dollars per kilogram.

How to use bath salt?

How to use bath salt?

Choose the salt option you like and try using it like this:

Arrange an aromatherapy session

If you don’t have a bath at home, but you do have a shower, salt can do a lot of good. Choose a flavored option, or enrich the salt yourself by using fragrance additives (more on this below) and sprinkle some salt on the shower stall floor.

When the warm water from the shower and steam hit the salt, it will begin to dissolve, filling the room with aroma and having a relaxing effect.

Add to bath

A bath with the addition of any salt is a pleasant relaxing procedure. It relieves fatigue, helps to get rid of sleep disorders, soothes. It can be recommended for depression, migraines, skin diseases, cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, sciatica and after a stroke. There are many indications for the use of a bath, and in each case it is effective.

Fill the bath with water, the temperature of which will be at least 36-37 degrees Celsius. Add a glass of salt and wait until it dissolves. Adults can take such a bath for half an hour, and children — 10-15 minutes.

Rejuvenate your skin

Sea salt is a common ingredient in body exfoliators. It is better not to use it for exfoliating the face, it is too harsh for him.

Try to rejuvenate your skin with a dead cell removal session. Mix a quarter cup of salt with a small amount of liquid vegetable oil (for example, rapeseed or olive) and treat the skin of the body with the resulting scrub. The smaller the grains of salt, the more gentle the products obtained from it in relation to the skin.

Treat your hands and feet to SPA

Treat your hands and feet to SPA

If you want to improve the skin of your hands and feet, take Himalayan salt or the Dead Sea for the procedure. These options soothe and disinfect the skin, heal damage, improve the condition of chronic dermatological diseases.

And also baths with sea salt can be a pleasant component of a complex manicure or pedicure. To prepare a foot bath, add a quarter cup of salt to a basin of water, and for a manual bath, add 1 teaspoon to a glass of warm water.

Did you know?

In Russia there was a tax on salt — in 1818-1881. When it was finally canceled, the price of salt dropped significantly.

What to add to the bath for the best effect?

To get more pleasure from the procedures, you can put other useful things in the water:

Rose petals

They are able to recreate the atmosphere of a SPA-salon and fill the room with a pleasant aroma. It is ideal for a pleasant end to the day or in preparation for a night of love.

Essential oils of plants

Esters of geranium, jasmine, mint, frankincense, cypress and cedar take away anxiety and stress, help get rid of obsessive thoughts and improve dreams. They can be dripped directly onto the salt or added to warm water. The first option is preferable. Esters are added to the bath in the amount of 5-7 drops per glass of salt.

Essential oils of citrus

Oils of lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, orange and bergamot have a rich pleasant aroma, tone the body, restore strength and charge with positive. Baths with them should not be taken before going to bed, but they are an excellent «recharging» in the middle of the day.

Baking soda

Baking soda

If you haven’t tried soda baths for weight loss yet, this omission is easy to fix. We have collected the best recipes for weight loss mixtures in this article.

Not only does baking soda work as a natural exfoliant, but along with sea salt, it helps rid the body of excess fluid, improves circulation, and aids in weight loss. It should be added at a concentration of 1:1 in relation to salt.

Expert comment

Sarah Lindberg, BSc, Fitness Instructor

Salt baths are known for their therapeutic and healing properties.

Thanks to minimal processing, sea salt retains a whole list of nutrients — magnesium, sodium, zinc, calcium, iron and potassium. Table salt is thoroughly cleaned, which deprives it of some of its usefulness, so it is not suitable for preparing a bath.

Sea salt baths have many health benefits:

  • Reduces anxiety and helps to relax.
  • Improve the condition in rheumatic diseases.
  • Soothe irritated skin.
  • Relieve eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Promote recovery after intense exercise.

While warm water and sea salt are safe for most people, check with your doctor before taking salt baths.


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