Fashionistas often wonder how long women’s trousers should be? According to the designers, an unambiguous answer cannot be given. The length of trousers mainly depends on the type of figure, on the style of clothing, on the combination with another wardrobe, on shoes, and also, of course, on personal preferences.

How long should women’s trousers be?

Today, designers offer, basically, universal models of women’s trousers, which can be easily turned up or down, thus changing their length. But there are still models that must be strictly observed in one style, and first of all this concerns their length.

Wide pants. Having chosen the style of trousers — flared from the hip, sails or any other wide model, designers do not allow a cropped cut in this case. A short length combined with a wide cut will look tasteless and ridiculous even on the longest fashionistas.

Skinny pants. One of the most common questions is how long skinny pants should be. Here, the designers answer as follows: if you purchased a model with free hips, then the length should be maximum, otherwise you will turn into a bun with legs. But tight-fitting trousers-pipes will perfectly decorate your slender legs with a cropped cut. Trendy chinos or bananas are universal in this aspect. It is these models that can be tucked or released.

Heeled trousers. If you are interested in the question of how long women’s heeled trousers should be, then it depends on what you want to demonstrate. If you want to emphasize stylish trousers, emphasizing them with a graceful walk, then hide the heel under the maximum length of the trousers. If you have long, not thick legs, then you can show your favorite shoes to everyone by wearing them under cropped trousers. Well, if you want to stand out with your delicate taste and originality, then come up with a fashionable bow with lapel trousers.


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