About miracle cosmetics that affect the skin through its neuroreceptors, they started talking in the 2000s. The very same idea, the meaning of which is to influence the activity of skin cells with the help of external agents, has been known for thousands of years.

A lot has been said about what causes almost all diseases. A new direction in beauty science is designed to help skin cells cope with stress. They, as it turned out, also suffer from “nerves”. From this, the skin fades, loses elasticity and is generally in a “bad mood”. Hypersensitivity of the skin is associated with an exceptionally strong reaction of its nerve endings to external stimuli.

Neurocosmetics was created to solve these problems. The ingredients in its composition regulate and stimulate neurological processes and restore their balance in the skin.

Principles of action of neurocosmetics

Principles of action of neurocosmetics

Neurocosmetics is called «smart cosmetics of the future». It contains special substances that affect the nerve endings of human skin. The nervous system regulates everything in the body, so skin problems can also be corrected by competently influencing the nerve endings with the help of specially selected substances that complement and enhance each other’s action. This process occurs with the help of neurotransmitters. In cosmetic products, neurotransmitters are needed to improve the process of information exchange at the level of skin cells.

“Smart” neurotransmitters “tell” the cell how to improve its vital activity. In fact, they provide an individual program for each cell, suggesting what and how to do it right, and what to refuse. Selectivity is the main distinguishing feature of neurocosmetics. It operates on the principle of «every cell — what is needed.» Here is such a «smart» cosmetics!

Expert comment

Belinda Carley, Director, Institute of Hygiene, Queensland, Australia

Neurocosmetics appeared on the market about 18 months ago. Its ingredients act on the human body at the neuro level and contribute to the prolongation of the action of hormones of joy.

In addition, neurocosmetics allows you to regulate the mechanism of action on the inflammatory processes of the skin, softening and smoothing its surface. The visible result of the action of neurocosmetics includes:

  • anti-aging effects;
  • a sharply increasing level of susceptibility to the most inactive components of care products.

As a result of the action of new generation cosmetics, neurotransmitters are released on the skin, directed to nerve clusters and determining the brain’s responses to the point effects of drugs. The signals travel through the skin fibers to the spinal cord, and from there to the brain. The effect of aromatherapy and color therapy is based on the same principle.

Cosmetic products aimed at neurostimulation have already gained confidence and have shown excellent results. A course of such cosmetics significantly reduces the number of wrinkles, the skin returns its natural color, and responds well to other cosmetics.

Mood Cream

Mood Cream

The cosmetics market is filled with anti-aging products. According to scientists, all these remedies «fight» with the consequences, like wrinkles, reduced tissue elasticity, dry skin, «crow’s feet» around the eyes.

Neurocosmetics was first mentioned by cosmetologists, having gathered in New York in the early 2000s. Specialists in cosmetology and chemistry joined forces and suggested that it is possible to influence the nervous system through the numerous nerve endings on the skin. And not just to influence, but also to improve mood and memory. Neurocosmetics immediately received the sonorous name “mood cream”, because there is no better way to improve a woman’s mood than to slow down aging.

Neurocosmetics is designed to work with the causes of aging. With its help, it is supposed to correct and prevent all these signs, and at any age.

The neurocomponents present in the composition of innovative cosmetics affect the decrease in cell activity associated with their aging.

«Mood creams» can correct skin problems:

  • contract or relax facial muscles;
  • enhance cell nutrition;
  • reduce inflammatory processes;
  • prevent photoaging;
  • strengthen capillaries;
  • restore the lipid barrier.

The main advantage of neurocosmetics, according to manufacturers, is that it has no side effects and addiction.

Expert comment

Tiina Orasmäe-Meder, cosmetologist

There is nothing mysterious in the term «neurocosmetics». Data on new studies became new. According to them, the skin is a much more complex structure than previously thought, and all of its cells are able to «communicate» with the nervous system as a whole.

The skin is such an independent structure that it is able not only to protect itself, but also to report its well-being to the brain. Having received a response signal, the skin determines the further actions of the cells. The skin, in fact, is the outer shell of the nervous system.

Neurocosmetics, acting with the help of neurotransmitters, soothes the skin, suppresses inflammatory reactions, can “turn off” the sensitivity of receptors, reduce or increase the synthesis of melanin (pigment).

New knowledge about the action of active ingredients in different layers of the skin creates a new future for cosmetology. We did not know before that cosmetics can affect the nervous system.

Neurocosmetics is certainly a product of high technology and at least we get a chance to understand the true effect of skin care products with its help.

What is neurocosmetics?

What is neurocosmetics?

Basically, these are day and night creams, serums and concentrates.

The ingredients of neurocosmetics are bioactive substances — peptides. Their action on the nerve endings of the skin can make it «feel good» and prolong the life of the cells.


Three types of peptides are used in neurocosmetics:

  • signal (stimulate the synthesis of elastin and collagen);
  • barrier (stabilize and transport a group of metals that play an important role in enzymatic reactions);
  • neurotransmitter-modulatory (reduce the manifestations of stress, participate in the formation of complexes necessary for exocytosis, reduce excitation in neurons and restrain the cascade inflammatory reaction).

Application of intelligent cosmetics

Manufacturers of the new trend are positioning their cosmetics as a remedy for hypersensitive skin. This is due, first of all, to the fact that many components that make up existing cosmetics can cause inflammation of sensitive skin.

In order to provide the skin with “well-being”, a new generation of cosmetics is needed – neurocosmetics. It is able to provide visible results to the skin without irritation. With regular use of neurocosmetics, according to the intention of the manufacturers, skin resistance to irritating components is developed.


The issue of using neurocosmetics does not depend on the age of the person. There are other guidelines here. The use of intellectual cosmetics is possible only according to indications. On products positioned as neurocosmetics, there are no inscriptions «45+» or something like that. The use of new generation cosmetics is possible only after consultation with a doctor.

Skin irritation is one of the key factors in aging. With the advent of neurocosmetics on the beauty market, there is hope that these processes can be stopped.

Expert comment

Razmadze Tamara Otarovna, dermatologist-cosmetologist, head of the cosmetology department

Beauty and health are indivisible. Any problem that has arisen inside the body will certainly be reflected externally on the skin of the face. Swelling, age spots, dry skin or redness — all these are “bells” of something that would not hurt to be checked by a doctor.

The joking statement that «All diseases are from nerves» is not at all joking.

Stress can also have a negative effect on the skin. It becomes less elastic and elastic, the aging process accelerates. This is where a new word in cosmetology came — neurocosmetics. This cosmetics has been actively studied and promoted in the last few years.

Neurocosmetics help in solving aesthetic problems due to special substances of neurotransmitters that affect the nerve endings of the skin. In simple words, cosmetics containing elements that soothe irritated skin.

«Smart cosmetics» is made for all skin types, but is primarily suitable for hypersensitive skin. It helps prevent or reduce inflammation, develops resistance to inflammation with continued use, and slows down the aging process. But don’t expect miracles from neurocosmetics. The beauty of the skin is, first of all, the health of the body as a whole! Don’t forget about it and be healthy!


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