The abdominal muscles can be trained in different ways. Sometimes, in order to achieve a satisfactory result, you have to try several methods. Fitness enthusiasts who are currently looking for an effective abs training strategy should first of all pay attention to interval training, which combines two types of loads — aerobic and strength.

Interval Abs Workout

Interval Abs Workout

Pumping the press by the interval method allows you to work in several directions at once: remove the fat layer in the abdominal region, reduce the waist, strengthen muscles, and create a beautiful relief of the abdomen. This method of training is combined, as it is built on the alternation of power and aerobic blocks. The combination of different types of loads in one workout provides a comprehensive study of the abdominal area: along with intensive muscle strengthening, there is an active weight loss of the problem area and the whole body. Thanks to the use of diverse exercises, all abdominal muscles are included in the work — each segment of the abdominal muscles receives the necessary amount of load.

You need to train the press according to the interval method at least three times a week. In the first two weeks, you can limit yourself to two classes in 7 days. It is not recommended to load the press more often, even if there is a desire and opportunity. Trained muscles should receive enough time to recover and hypertrophy. On the remaining days, it is better to work on other muscles or perform a series of aerobic exercises.

Before the main complex of loads, it is necessary to warm up properly. For warm-up, not any exercises are used, but strictly defined ones:

  • Spread your feet shoulder-width apart, clench your hands into fists and put your hands in a boxing fighting position.

Shoulders do not slouch. Keep your abdominal muscles tight. Leaning on the toes of your feet, lightly jump to the right and left. Make 20 jumps and move on to air strikes. Hit with straight punches. In the process, do not let the abdominal muscles relax. After practicing boxing punches for about a minute, start practicing straight punches with your lower limbs. Raise the knee to the stomach and, straightening the leg, strike the air with the heel. After a minute, complete this exercise and repeat the entire warm-up series of movements from the very beginning.

Interval training of the press includes 6 cardio exercises and 3 strength. Movements in strength exercises (on the ball) should be performed smoothly, accurately and measuredly. Cardio is performed at a fast pace — in the allotted time you need to have time to do as many repetitions as possible.

Abs Pumping: Interval Training — Part One

Abs Pumping: Interval Training - Part One

For the first strength exercise you will need a fitball:

  • Take the ball, lie back on it.

Position yourself so that the position is stable enough to perform crunches. The lumbar region should lie on the fitball. Arch your back, and lower its upper part, head and shoulders slightly behind the ball. Place your palms on the back of your head. Rest your feet on the floor with your knees bent. Tighten your abdominal muscles and lift your torso. Point it up and forward until you feel the maximum contraction of the abdominal muscles. Stop at the top for a few moments and slowly lower your torso back. Do 20 reps. Fitball is good because it increases the amplitude of twists and makes the muscles additionally strain to maintain balance on the ball.

First cardio exercise:

  • Stand in a plank position, that is, take a horizontal emphasis on outstretched arms and toes.

Take turns lifting your legs off the floor and pulling your knees to your stomach. As with any aerobic exercise, you need to move as actively as possible, at a high pace. Finish in 2 minutes.

Second cardio exercise:

  • Jump in place, raising your knees high — bring them as close to your chest as possible.

Let your arms hang down freely, but remain tense. Jump, accelerating, for at least a minute.

In the second strength exercise, the fitball is used again:

  • Grab the ball with your shins.

Place your palms between the floor and buttocks. Raise your legs with the ball held up. Do 20 reps. When lifting, do not allow the lower back to come off the floor surface. Lowering the lower limbs, do not put them on the floor. If the first strength exercise gave a load mainly to the upper segment of the press, then here the emphasis is on the lower abdomen.

Ab Workouts: Interval Training — Part Two

Ab Workouts: Interval Training - Part Two

Third cardio exercise:

  • Get into a plank position and immediately jump to your palms.

Stand up and stretch your arms above your head. Repeat these movements at a fast pace for 2 minutes.

Fourth cardio exercise:

  • While in a boxing stance, tuck your stomach in and tighten your abs.

Strike in the air: sit down a little and, getting up, hit with a short movement from the bottom up (uppercut). Work hard for 1 minute.

We return to the fitball again (the third strength exercise):

But when lifting, turn the right shoulder to the left, and the left to the right. Do 20 side crunches to each side.

Fifth cardio:

  • In a standing position, rise on your toes.

Jump up, turning your feet to the right side. Jump up again and turn your feet to the left. Do not turn your shoulders after your feet. When jumping in the abdomen, muscle tension should be felt. Jump like this for 2 minutes.

Sixth cardio:

  • Spread your legs slightly wider than your shoulders. Actively rock your hips from side to side. The execution time is 1 minute.

The interval training of the press ends with a stretch. It is done lying on the stomach. The palms are placed under the shoulders, the legs are brought together. From this position, you need to smoothly straighten your arms and bend in your back. The higher the body is raised, the more the abdominal muscles will stretch. A pause is made at the top point, then the body is lowered, and the exercise is repeated 3 more times.

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