How to be beautiful without makeup

From childhood, little girls are drawn to beauty, trying to take possession of the contents of their mother’s cosmetic bag at any convenient opportunity. Shadows, lipsticks, nail polishes and mascara are perceived by girls as a sign of growing up, attractiveness. And only with age comes the realization that a face without makeup can look many times more attractive than with makeup. Unfortunately, not all girls can afford life without makeup. For some, makeup is an integral part of the profession, others feel uncomfortable and unprotected without it, while others try to hide skin imperfections in this way. However, the latest trends in make-up clearly indicate that beauty without makeup, or with minimal use of decorative products, is fashionable. More and more women prefer nude makeup, trying to look more natural and natural.

In order for a woman to look flawless without makeup, it is not at all necessary to resort to complex and expensive procedures. But this does not mean that beautiful girls without makeup on their faces do nothing with their own face and body, relying on nature and genetics. Only as a result of certain efforts and work on oneself can one achieve a well-groomed face, nails and hair, a slim figure and posture. How to look good without makeup, be beautiful and charming?

love yourself

If you’re used to starting your day with a thick layer of makeup on your face, drastic changes are not for you. Both to yourself and to those around you who are used to seeing you wearing makeup, you will seem like a “gray mouse”. It is better to give up the image of a “bright star” gradually. Take advantage of your summer vacation. Instead of two layers of mascara, apply one, replace bright lipstick with gloss, and hide blush in a cosmetic bag until better times. Reflection in the mirror will become habitual over time, and after a few weeks you will realize that looking beautiful without makeup is as easy as with it. It all depends on self-perception and self-esteem. Remember, if you consider yourself mediocre, then others see you just like that. A girl who considers herself a beauty, and in the eyes of strangers looks like a beauty.

Take care of your face and body

But skin and body care is not limited to just one psychological attitude. To become beautiful without makeup, as evidenced by the experience of many women, it is necessary to use day and night cream daily, do a finger facial massage, get rid of cosmetic problems (rashes, acne, inflammation, pimples, age spots) in time. By the way, refusing foundation, base and blush, you will allow the pores to “breathe”, which will reduce the risk of such problems. Wash your face only with cold water or pre-prepared ice cubes (water can be replaced with herbal decoctions), regularly cleanse your face with a scrub (brewed ground coffee or salt with soap foam), make masks from natural ingredients that suit your skin type. Honey wraps and a visit to the bath have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin.

Don’t underestimate the role of nutrition. Healthy food without extra calories, fat and seasonings, drinking at least one and a half liters of purified water per day are the best cosmetologists. Good sleep plays a huge role in maintaining natural beauty. If you’re sleeping less than seven to eight hours a night, reevaluate your routine. And be sure to pay attention to keeping the body in good shape. It can be regular workouts in the gym, daily jogging or just morning exercises.

Being beautiful, healthy, self-confident without makeup is easy!


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