how to be neat

Everyone knows about the importance of accuracy since childhood. Parents make us put toys in their places, teachers at school monitor our appearance, and as we grow up, we ourselves begin to evaluate the neatness and neatness of those around us. To be neat means to be attractive, disciplined, responsible. Agree, in today’s world to have these qualities is very important. But what to do if you are not distinguished by an innate desire for cleanliness and order? In this article, we will talk about how to become neat and tidy.

How to be careful?

Neatness includes personal hygiene, attention to appearance, as well as the ability to maintain the cleanliness of one’s own house (apartment), car, workplace — everything that can be called a person’s personal space.

As a rule, the habit of neatness and accuracy is instilled in childhood, but if desired, this skill can be developed in oneself consciously.

The main rules of neatness and grooming

Neat hairstyles primarily include regular shampooing and careful styling. This does not mean that you have to pour whole seas of styling products on your head every day, but the habit of going to bed with a wet head, or even not washing your hair for weeks, will have to be abandoned.

Anyone who wants to be careful should pay attention to:

  • personal care, personal hygiene. Keep your skin, hair and mouth clean every day, even if you are sitting at home and not going to meet guests, go for a walk or a date. Shower twice a day and brush your teeth, wash your hair as needed, get regular manicures and pedicures (in the salon or on your own);
  • wardrobe. Do not wear dirty, wrinkled or torn clothes, even while at home. Moreover, you should not wear such clothes on the street — even if you just take out the trash. It is not necessary to buy a lot of clothes — pick up a few well-matched items for home, formal events, sports, work and leisure (meeting friends, dating, walking). If you don’t like or don’t know how to iron things, buy clothes made from wrinkle-resistant materials;
  • shoes. The cleanliness of shoes is one of the main indicators of neatness. It is advisable to carry a special sponge or brush for shoes in your purse, and use it as needed;
  • habits. Immediately put things in their places — so you will not accumulate mountains of rubbish, which means that cleaning will take less time;
  • regular cleaning. The house will be cleaner if you clean it a little every day, and not arrange a “general cleaning” every six months. After all, fresh dirt is much easier to remove than stubborn dirt.

Now you know how to become neat and well-groomed, and with a little effort, you will surely be able to change your life for the better.


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