how to become stylish and fashionable

Perhaps it will not be easy to find a woman who would not strive to look stylish and fashionable. These two concepts are often used in parallel, although they cannot be called synonyms. The thing is that style is an external manifestation of the inner, personal «I». And in order to be stylish, it is not necessary to have a luxurious wardrobe, it is much more important to choose it correctly and skillfully combine its components with each other. And if you have a sense of style, it’s not difficult to look fashionable — it’s enough to track and analyze the general trends of anemone-fashion and correctly correlate them with your own personality. But today we’ll talk about how to put all this into practice, how to dress fashionably and stylishly.

How to look fashionable and stylish?

In order to achieve the desired result, do not be too lazy to redo your wardrobe and get rid of things that have remained unclaimed for a long time. This is a signal that either they do not suit you, or they do not fit into the overall palette. The basic wardrobe is easiest to form in a classic style, which is less subject to fashion fluctuations, and over time, “colorize” it with fashionable accessories and details. So, what stylish and fashionable clothes will help you feel confident and comfortable in any situation?

  1. The little black dress is a versatile outfit that can be paired equally well with anything from a silk scarf to a unisex shirt.
  2. The pencil skirt is feminine and elegant, it not only always tops the charts for stylish and fashionable skirts, but also goes well with a jacket and blouse, as well as with knitwear.
  3. A perfectly fitting jacket can look completely different with a skirt and trousers, blouses and a turtleneck, or a silk scarf.
  4. Pants are desirable to have at least two tones — dark and light. And, of course, the list of fashionable and stylish clothes for girls will not be complete without jeans — classic, dark blue, or just your favorite color and style — it’s up to you to choose.
  5. A cardigan, a turtleneck and a couple of blouses of different styles and colors (preferably made from natural materials) will greatly help to diversify your wardrobe.

Emphasis on details is the main secret of a stylish look

Fashionable and stylish shoes, a bag or a belt can give a piquant touch to the most ordinary outfit. Moreover, this year it is in relation to shoes and accessories that fashion is more diverse and multifaceted than ever. Classic pumps or perforated ankle boots, ballet flats or military-style shoes, Greek sandals or platform sneakers, reticules or envelope bags, trapeze bags or shoulder bags — the main thing is to correlate what you like with the existing elements of the wardrobe.

Fashionable and stylish clothes and shoes are undoubtedly necessary, but not always sufficient components of a fashionable bow. The final accents of your image should be hair, makeup and manicure. Considering that naturalness and naturalness have become the mottos of this year, one can of course refer to the well-known expression: “Clean hair is already a hairstyle, and well-groomed skin is already makeup”, but … you can also tweak a little what Mother Nature has endowed. After all, the same grunge hairstyle will look stylish only if it is based on an impeccable haircut. And it doesn’t matter anymore: whether it’s a square or a bob (the most fashionable and stylish haircuts of this year), or an enduring cascade. And nude makeup, popular this season, requires certain skills and painstaking work, but the result is worth it!

We hope that our tips on how to be stylish and fashionable will give you confidence and strength on the difficult path to change. And do not postpone them until Monday — live and change for the better today!


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