how to become the most beautiful

What girl does not dream of becoming the first beauty? Unfortunately, the ideal face, hair and figure by nature are rare, but you can get closer to perfection with the help of regular work on yourself.

In this article we will tell you how to become more beautiful.

Become beautiful — appearance

At first glance, appearance is a reflection of genes and inclinations received from parents. However, remember how in popular TV shows professional stylists and makeup artists transform «gray mice» into beauties. And the girls, looking at the result of the work of a team of specialists, are amazed: can they really be so beautiful? And why didn’t it occur to them before to cut their hair that way or use a certain type of makeup … There’s no need to talk about clothes — a well-chosen outfit can decorate absolutely any figure.

Remember the basic tips on how to become the most beautiful in appearance:

  1. Take care of yourself. Write out a mini-schedule. For example: Monday — hair mask; Tuesday — face mask, eyebrow shape correction; Wednesday — manicure; Thursday — pedicure, epilation of legs; Friday — body hair removal; Saturday — peeling and face mask; Sunday — body skin care (peeling, wrapping, baths).
  2. Watch your nutrition. Regardless of your weight, you still need to monitor your diet — harmful foods and overeating worsen the condition of the hair, provoke rashes and irritations on the skin, and can also cause the development of a number of diseases.
  3. Develop a daily routine. Try to eat and sleep at the same time each day. Sleep 8-9 hours a day. Accustom your body to the regime, and you will feel how much your well-being improves.
  4. Determine your color type. This will help you clearly understand which colors and shades suit you, and which disfigure you. Knowledge of the color type will be useful to you when choosing not only clothes, but also hair color, as well as when choosing a makeup palette.
  5. Determine your body type. This will help you choose the right styles of clothing, shoes and accessories. To learn how to become beautiful and fashionable, follow the latest fashion trends and the latest in cosmetology. But do not rush to blindly copy everything you see in glossy magazines and shows — use only what suits you.
  6. Go in for sports. Choose any one according to your own taste — active games, fitness, running, Pilates, yoga, mountaineering, martial arts. You can do it not only in a sports club, but also in nature or in your own apartment — if there is a desire, but there is an opportunity.

Become beautiful — inner world

Beauty is an ephemeral, subtle, purely individual concept. Regardless of the generally accepted ideal, there will always be people in society with an original understanding of the beautiful and the disgusting.

Every girl should understand that it is not difficult to resort to the services of a surgeon, but even with ideal facial proportions and a chiseled figure, you can still remain clamped, notorious and insecure. Or even worse — a self-confident and pompous doll, behind the beautiful «facade» of which lies emptiness.

Be open to new knowledge, study psychology, read books. Listen more, argue less, especially about things you know little about.

And remember: in many ways, beauty is the result of self-confidence and an optimistic outlook on life. Look at the world with a positive attitude, be friendly and stop self-digging and looking for your own shortcomings.

Now you know what to do to be beautiful, which means you are one step closer to the ideal.


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