how to change the image of a girl

The image demonstrates individuality, outlook on life, attitude to the world around. Your appearance will change over time, and sometimes a change in style is not just a desire, but a necessity. Fashion, work, environment, inner desires, social status are changing — which means you are changing too.

How to change the image of a girl? It is not enough to change only the style of clothing. Changes should affect hairstyles, makeup, posture, manners of wearing what you are wearing.

How to change the image of a girl — let’s start with clothes and shoes

Make a list of changes and stick to it, from the most minor to the most dramatic. The first step is choosing clothes. For a feeling of complete novelty, try to move away from the old style as much as possible. Change colors, style, cut, fabrics, and most importantly — style. Take an interest in what is fashionable and relevant. Choose from dresses and skirts in different lengths and colors, or buy pants, skinny pants and blouses. Choose from chiffon, knit or leather. Stick to pastel shades or bold and bright prints. It all depends on what you were «before» and what you want to become «after».

The image of a young girl also changes shoes: if you wore flat-soled products, then wedges and heels are your option. In fact, it is important to have different shoes for all occasions. That is, there should be a couple for a walk, a party, a run, and so on.

The image of a modern girl — we place accents

Take care of your skin — it’s always in trend, no matter what clothes you wear. Make sure that the makeup is appropriate, because the make-up is different for the office, a walk, a date, a party or another festive event. Depending on the newly formed image, choose accessories.

Hairstyle and manicure are an integral part of the image of a girl. Change the length, color, shape. Naturalness is in fashion today. Highlighting, coloring or bronding will help to revive hair. If you absolutely do not want to change the color of your hair — just change the styling. Nail fashion is also very diverse. Relevant are nails of medium length in natural, dark, bright shades.

Do not be afraid to experiment with the image, and then you will succeed.


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