how to choose a belt for pants

Choosing the right belt for trousers is a very difficult task. Such an important accessory can easily hide the flaws of a female figure and emphasize its advantages. It is very important to correctly select and wear belts with trousers of various colors and styles.

How to choose a women’s trouser belt?

Before heading to the store, you need to understand what things you can wear a new strap under. With trouser suits or trousers, an expensive genuine leather strap, which has a strict buckle and a width of 3-4 cm, will look elegant.

Decorate your jeans with various casual style belts, which differ from traditional models mainly in an interesting way of execution, as well as an unusual buckle. These products can be made from a wide variety of materials — polymers, rubber, leather and leatherette, as well as fabric materials.

Twisted belts under light trousers will look good, and canvas or canvas belts with an average width are perfectly combined with raincoat or corduroy trousers.

There is an important rule for choosing an accessory such as a belt, because it must match the color scheme of a bag, a pair of shoes or gloves. Despite this, the latest trends of our time also allow the possibility of combining belts with the colors of skirts or trousers. If you choose a quality leather belt, be sure to pay attention to the fact that the edge of the belt is rounded, not square. The painted butt end is an undoubted sign of high quality. If you chose a model with some kind of buttons and rivets, then you need to bend the belt near each hole to see if the material will protrude. The edges of the buckle should not have sharp edges, as no blouse can withstand such a belt.


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