As you know, stylists distinguish four types of female figure. For some, extra roundness is considered nasty shortcomings, while for others it is an enviable advantage. It is clothing that helps to smooth out and correct visible flaws, which very often do not depend on extra pounds. The most difficult choice is buying a dress. And if the acquisition of everyday models is not yet so categorical, then how to choose an evening dress according to the type of figure is a very important issue. It is necessary to take into account all the nuances in order to make a worthy impression when going to a celebration or reception.

How to choose the style of the dress according to the type of figure?

To know how to choose the right dress according to the type of figure, first of all, you need to decide on your constitution. Take a good look at your body in the mirror. Show a little imagination — imagine your body in one of the above figures. Having decided what type of figure you have, find out which dress will help you emphasize your successful areas and hide problem areas.

Dress for the figure «apple». Owners of a magnificent figure need to highlight the waist well, which is often absent. Choose an asymmetrical cut, no sleeves, flared hem.

Dress for pear shape. Representatives of pronounced hips and buttocks, while having narrow shoulders, fit styles with a high waist, A-shaped silhouette, semi-adjacent straight models.

Dress for an hourglass figure. Girls with this type of figure can be envied. Absolutely any style of dress will emphasize a graceful waist, a proportional combination of shoulders and hips. But this applies only to those who are not overweight.

Dress for the figure «rectangle». Those whom nature has rewarded with a boyish physique need to give femininity to their figure with the help of styles with a lantern sleeve, narrow hips to correct flying hems, and a straight waist with drapery and accessories.


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