How to choose a dress according to your figure

Every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive, which is why it is very important to choose the right outfits that would suit her.

Today, many girls do not know how to choose a dress according to their figure, and despite the fact that the range of models is very large. We bring to the attention of readers a brief overview that will help you learn about some of the subtleties when choosing a particular style.

Dresses by body type

So, as everyone already knows, there are 5 types of figures. But there is one universal rule that applies to all women, this is that the chosen dress model should, first of all, hide figure flaws, and emphasize dignity. Knowing all the subtleties of her type, any girl will easily select the model that suits her.

  1. Pear or A-line. The peculiarity of this type is wide hips, a thin waist and narrow shoulders. The main task of such women is to make the image more proportional. When choosing dresses, you should pay attention to models with wide sleeves or lanterns. The presence of decor in the upper part is also welcome, it can be ruffles and flounces. The ideal option is an A-line dress with a deep neckline.
  2. Hourglass. This type is considered the most ideal, since everything is proportional to it. Fashionistas can afford to wear both puffy and tight-fitting dresses. However, do not abuse decorative elements, otherwise the image can be overloaded.
  3. Circle or apple. This type includes obese women who have approximately the same parameters in the waist, hips and chest. The main task of fashionistas is to visually lengthen the figure and emphasize the waistline. Semi-adjacent models with vertical seams are ideal. A pencil dress with a peplum and a deep neckline will also look good. The waist can always be emphasized with a thin belt, but dresses at the bottom should have a small volume.
  4. inverted triangle. As a rule, these are women with broad shoulders and narrow hips. Most athletes have this particular type of figure, but this does not prevent them from looking feminine. The main task is to visually soften the line of the shoulders and add volume to the hips. This can be done with V-necks and strapless dresses. It is better to refuse tight-fitting models. It is worth paying attention to dresses with flared and fluffy skirts. By the way, pleating is perfect for this occasion.
  5. Rectangle. Otherwise, this type of figure is called teenage, since the number of feminine lines is minimal. Such girls need to focus on the waist. For this, dresses with a round neckline in the neckline, semi-adjacent and trapezoid silhouettes, as well as products with a wide belt are suitable.

As you can see, choosing the right styles of dresses according to the figure is quite simple. The main thing is to have information and use it correctly.


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