How to choose a dress

«What to wear?» — a dilemma that all girls and women periodically face. Composing complex ensembles of tops, jackets, trousers and skirts is a whole science, which sometimes does not have enough time or desire to master. In this case, a dress can be a salvation, because it remains only to pick up shoes and accessories. But even with his choice, difficulties can arise if you do not know how to choose the right dress according to the type of figure, color, length, texture of the fabric. There are a few basic rules that we’ll talk about.

Style selection

So, you have to attend a certain event where you want to shine in a beautiful dress. Before choosing the style of the dress, check the nuances of the dress code, if any. A long evening dress at a social event will be as out of place as a seductive short sundress made of translucent chiffon in the office.

The second rule is that the choice of outfit should be done, focusing on the features of the figure. No matter how fashionable a short dress is, you should not wear it if you have full legs. Tight-fitting models will be appropriate if you have a good figure, and lush flounces and frills can visually add volume in the right places. Girls with large breasts should choose styles of dresses in which the emphasis is on the neckline. To summarize, the shortcomings should be carefully masked, diverting attention from them, and the merits should be emphasized.

Color and length

In the question of how to choose the color of the dress, you should be guided by general recommendations for a specific color type of appearance. Determine your type, print out the color chart that suits you, and choose your dress with confidence!

As for the length, the general rule is: the shorter the height, the shorter the dress should be. And girls with medium and high growth have no such restrictions. And, of course, follow the rules of decency. No matter how beautiful your legs are, showing them at a business meeting is unacceptable.


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