How to choose a hair dryer or hair styler

  • Kind
  • Type
  • Power
  • Nozzles
  • Modes
  • Number of temperature modes and speeds
  • Peculiarities
  • Equipment
  • The weight
  • Equipment
  • Manufacturer


Domestic — a low-power device with modest functionality. Designed for home use.

Road — has a small power and size. This model does not take up much space in a suitcase or travel bag. It only allows you to dry your hair without giving it a certain shape. Nozzles in the kit are quite rare. The best choice for those who travel frequently and go on business trips.

Professional — more powerful and reliable than a household hair dryer, characterized by a wide range of functions. Many professional models have a large number of nozzles, modes and speeds. At the same time, such a model is more expensive and heavier. Used by stylists and hairdressers.

Wall — stationary hair dryer, equipped with a special stand. Used in hotels, gyms and spas.

Hair dryer hood — a hollow hood, which is connected to a motor that pumps air into it. Makes it possible to dry hair simultaneously on the entire surface of the head. At the same time, you can go about your business, for example, paint your nails or read a book.


Ordinary — a powerful hair dryer, which is most often equipped with at least two nozzles: a concentrator and a diffuser. This type includes semi-professional and professional models, which serve not only for drying hair, but also for styling.

Hair dryer brush — a small cylindrical hair dryer, at the end of which there is a special brush for styling hair. Typically, these hair dryers have low power. The kit comes with a few extra attachments. Such models are suitable for styling short hair and medium length hair.

Curling iron, straightener, styler — are combined into one group, since heating nozzles (tongs) or plates (straightener and styler) are used for styling without the use of air flow.


The air flow rate and the number of modes depend on this parameter. The more powerful the device, the faster it will cope with its task. At the same time, the price of the hair dryer and the consumption of electricity increase.

Power directly depends on the type of hair dryer:

  • household — 1200-2000 W;
  • professional — 2000-2500 W and more;
  • road — 600-1200 W;
  • wall-mounted — 1200-2000 W;
  • hood hair dryers -600 W.

When choosing a household hair dryer, you should not pay attention to the highest power, as this can affect the health of your hair. The most suitable option from this point of view is 1600 watts. The type of hair also matters: for thin or dry, a low-power model (up to 1300 W) is chosen; for thick and long hair, it is better to take a device with high power settings (from 1600 W).

The optimal power of a road hair dryer is 1200 W, since such a hair dryer will be compact in size, and in terms of power it will not be inferior to a conventional hair dryer.


Concentrator — creates a powerful airflow to dry the ends of the hair.

Diffuser — a round nozzle with «thorns», gives the hairstyle volume.

By choosing attachments such as forceps or rectifierswell, if they have a ceramic coating that is more gentle on hair than metal.


Most often, the number of modes depends on the cost of the hair dryer. It is convenient when each mode is controlled by a specific button. In addition to temperature modes, others are available. Let’s consider some of them.

Cold air supply — allows you to improve hair styling. The combination of hot and cold air makes the hair elastic and at the same time retains its shape for a long time.

Ionization — thanks to this function, the hair is saturated with negatively charged particles (ions). As a result, the strands are less fluffy, tangled and dirty, and become more shiny. Ionization removes static electricity from the hair. This option is useful for owners of dry, weak and dull hair, as well as for frequent use of a hair dryer (several times a week).

gentle drying — allows you to avoid overdrying the hair, but the process itself takes quite a lot of time.

Turbo — allows you to quickly dry your head.

eco – provides average heating of air and by that saves the electric power.

Steam humidification — Sometimes a hair dryer may have a water tank that generates steam for easy hair styling. This function is useful if you use it from time to time, because the high temperature of the steam has a negative effect on the hair.

Ionization or Tourmaline coated tips — thanks to this function, the hair is saturated with negatively charged particles. It is debatable whether this brings any benefit to the consumer. The developers also claim that with this function, the hair is less fluffy and becomes more shiny.

Number of temperature modes and speeds

These parameters affect the performance properties of the hair dryer. The more temperature regimes and blowing speeds, the wider the possibilities of the device and the easier it is to choose the right option for any type of hair. At the same time, the price of the hair dryer increases.

In the simplest models, one temperature and speed mode is provided. Most appliances have 2-3 modes (hot/cold, hot/warm/cold) and 2 fan speeds.

Air flow rate

The parameter on which the speed of hair drying depends, in addition to air temperature. It is believed that it is better to dry with a powerful stream of cooler air. Depends on the power of the hair dryer and the nozzle used. The concentrator increases the airflow rate.
A good indicator is the speed of 140 km / h.


AC motor

AC motor. Unlike a direct current (DC) motor, it can continuously work for a long time, and also creates a strong air flow. Professional hair dryers are equipped with AC motor. With the same power, models with an AC motor will be more productive and durable than their counterparts with a DC motor.

Folding handle

Makes the device more compact. The presence of a folding handle is a sign of road models. But a folding handle is less reliable than a regular one.

Removable filter – retains hair and dust that could get inside the hair dryer. Extends the life of the device. Removable filter equipped with professional models.

Auto power off – protects the hair dryer from overheating. If the permissible heating temperature is exceeded or after a certain time interval, the device switches off automatically. This option extends the life of the device and saves energy.

Anti-slip handle — provides a secure hold of the hair dryer in your hand. Makes working with the device more convenient.

Hanging loop — allows you to hang the hair dryer on a hook for placement in the bedroom, bathroom or other convenient place. Usually such a loop is located on the cord, near the handle.

Switchable voltage — allows you to use the device in any country in the world. Good for travel lovers.

Display — displays information about the operation of the hair dryer, including air temperature, current mode, battery level. But such hair dryers will cost more than their classic counterparts. The display is found in some professional and wall models.


Straightener (ironing iron) — designed to straighten hair. Transforms curls into straight strands.

Comb — Included with some travel hair dryers.

Bag / case — protects the hair dryer and nozzles from dust and dirt, facilitates their storage and transportation.

The weight

This parameter is taken into account when buying a road hair dryer. The lighter such a model, the easier it is to use it when traveling and transporting. The weight of most household and professional hair dryers is no more than 1 kg.


The hair dryer can have the following nice little things: a display, automatic nozzle rotation, a folding handle, cord rotation, overheating protection, automatic cord winder, on and ready to use indication, a hanging loop, and more.


The group of the most budgetary products is the products of Delfa, Clatronic, Elenberg, Maestro, Saturn, Scarlett, Vitek, West, Aurora, Maxwell, Mirta, Orion, Rotex, Viconte, Mikma, Supra. As a rule, these are the lowest quality hair dryers with minimal features and equipment. The assembly and manufacturing materials leave much to be desired: the plastic often cracks from product falls, buttons and fasteners break, the case itself creaks.

AEG, Binatone, Bosch, Braun, Panasonic, Philips, Rowenta, Fagor, Remington, Zelmer products have a good price-quality ratio. These are popular manufacturers of household appliances that provide decent service support for their products. Hair dryers of these companies are made of high quality materials, and stylers and straighteners are equipped with ceramic, tourmaline and other plates. Such products usually have rich functionality, which also affects their higher cost. However, among all models of quality brands, you can choose budget options that will also be reliable and durable in operation.

The group of professional equipment includes hair dryers and stylers Moser, Wahl, Valera, BaByliss, GA.MA, Gamma Piu and others. These devices provide maximum quality and durability of work, as they are designed for heavy loads in hairdressers and salons. Stylists and hairdressers often take part in the development of models, so these hair dryers are distinguished by particularly comfortable ergonomics and design. Such products are usually more powerful and more expensive than others. They can also be used at home, however, it should be remembered that the regular use of powerful hair dryers and straighteners is harmful to hair health.

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Why are Saturn hair dryers classified as budget and somehow dismissively? We even use them in the salon. For good reason so. I would advise.

The Saturn brand has never been a specialized manufacturer of hair dryers or other styling products. Using them in your salon, unfortunately, does not improve the quality of the products of this brand.

Hairdryer-brush is interesting, I’ll buy myself one!


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