A jacket is one of the universal items of women’s wardrobe, but how to choose a model for all occasions? Of course, there is no single answer, and stylists can lead discussions on this topic, but the ideal solution would be to acquire several models that will be combined with many things. And then the daily admiring glances of fans will be provided to you.

Jacket for all occasions — tips for choosing

The first thing to remember is that the chosen model should be monophonic. Without any prints, decorations and decorative elements. The simpler, the better.

Secondly, the product should be a fitted silhouette of medium length, reaching the level of the hips. This jacket will be in perfect harmony with both cocktail dresses and office and casual wear.

And, thirdly, before buying the product you like, you should first study the presence of your wardrobe. This procedure will help determine the choice of the desired color.

A jacket in light pastel colors such as pink and nude is the perfect match for denim, dark and light outfits. For example, it can be a combination of black skinny with a T-shirt or torn boyfriends, a short dress or shorts with a sweater. In all versions, the jacket will be a harmonious addition to the image.

Lovers of juicy and bright colors should take a closer look at the products of red or raspberry color. Despite their glamour, these shades can also be very versatile and can be combined with jeans of different styles, as well as with classic ensembles, elegant dresses and even shorts, not only in monochrome style, but also with floral motifs.

Universal jacket color

This question is quite controversial, because, according to stylists, there are not so few universal colors. However, it all depends on the taste preferences of the fashionista. But, if you choose the model that is most suitable for many ensembles, then we can safely assume that a black jacket will become the main contender for this position. It will undoubtedly fit into any ensemble and will decorate any outfit, whether it be leather leggings, a red dress or khaki cropped trousers.


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