The skin of the lips is the thinnest and most sensitive, which is why the effect of negative environmental factors (frost, dust, wind and sunlight) strongly affects it. In order to keep the lips elastic, healthy and to protect them from weathered and cracked condition, they need additional care, especially in winter.

Lip balms or hygienic lipstick — an ideal solution for preventing harmful effects, restoring hydrobalance and providing a healthy appearance. Pay special attention to the choice of balm, because the lips need daily careful care, which is primarily designed to moisturize the skin of the lips and retain moisture in it.

Types of lip balms

They heal cracks and wounds, eliminate severe dryness and can even be an additional treatment for herpes. A good option is Barederm tsika protective lip balm from Uriage. This is a French brand that has been helping many women take care of their skin for several decades.

Ideal for the warm season. They saturate the skin of the lips with moisture and help to keep it inside, thereby maintaining the hydrobalance. Hyaluronic acid and vitamin E are most often found in the composition. Such a balm is Eau Thermale moisturizing lip balm from Uriage, which moisturizes and restores the skin, performs protective and nourishing functions, relieves dryness and sensitivity.

They create a protective film on the lips that protects them from weathering, dryness, sunlight and even viruses. That is why the composition may include an antiseptic and oils that have a healing effect. Can be used all year round, especially in winter. As an example: Tsikavit+ protective lip balm for quick recovery from SVR.

Balms with a natural composition usually include vegetable oils (shea, jojoba, etc.), wax and panthenol. Many natural balms do not contain ingredients of animal origin and are suitable for vegans. A representative of the natural brand is Lip balm with honey from Apivita.

With a touch
Tinted lip balm can be any color from the palette of regular lip glosses or lipsticks. They can be used regardless of the season to prepare for makeup or apply as an independent product. For example: Apivita Pomegranate Tinted Lip Balm.

Balms with SPF factor
Protects the skin of the lips from ultraviolet radiation. Especially suitable for use on active sunny days. For example: Hygienic lip balm from Babe Laboratorios that nourishes, moisturizes, treats the skin of the lips and protects from the sun.

Taboo ingredients in lip balms:

  • Oil refining products — petroleum jelly, paraffin, various mineral oils. They form a thin film on the lips, due to which the skin cannot breathe and cannot absorb the useful ingredients that are still present in the balm.
  • Glycerin. Only pure glycerin, i.e. not diluted with water, can harm the skin. A high concentration in a cosmetic product is also dangerous. Long-term exposure to glycerin leads to the formation of blackheads, darkening and excessive dryness of the skin of the lips.
  • Preservatives. As an example, salicylic acid. It has a good antimicrobial effect, but at the same time dries the skin. Various alcohols can be used as preservatives, which also have the property of drying the skin, as well as parabens, which can cause allergies.

Rules «How to choose a balm»:

  1. Pay attention to the composition. The balm should contain many nourishing and softening components (beeswax or vegetable wax, vitamins A and E, natural oils, panthenol, plant extracts, etc.). But it is better to avoid mineral oils, petroleum jelly and glycerin, salicylic acid and fragrances in the composition of the balm.
  2. Determine the purpose of application. Choose which effect on the skin of the lips you want to have in the first place: moisturizing, nourishing, treatment, antibacterial effect, etc.
  3. Brand matters too. If you have serious and visible problems with the skin of the lips, it is better to buy a balm of a pharmacy brand. If you just want to keep your skin hydrated and looking neat, you can choose any brand that appeals to you.
  4. Ease of use. Balms are produced in various forms: in sticks, tubes, bottles with rollers or small jars (such a balm should be applied with a finger). Focus on your convenience and the frequency of using the balm.


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