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A mask — cosmetic product for face and neck skin care. Compared to a cream, the mask is a more concentrated product containing a “load of” active ingredients. Therefore, the effect of using the mask comes faster, but the product itself is applied no more than 1-2 times a week. The mask is also distinguished by a more targeted effect — it is designed to solve a specific problem.

patch mask — a fabric mask with slits for the mouth, nose and eyes, impregnated with a cosmetic mass. The active components of such a mask evaporate more slowly and are better absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. Favorably differs from conventional masks in ease of use and greater efficiency due to the snug fit and slow drying of the product. This mask can be used while traveling or at the office.

Some face masks can be applied to other parts of the body — the nose, décolleté, T- and Y-zone.


Alginate — a powdered mass made from seaweed seeds. The mask contains alginate and diatomaceous earth. It acts on the deep layers of the skin, removes toxins, smoothes the dermis and strengthens the barrier function. It has moisturizing and nourishing properties. This mask enhances the effect of other cosmetics.

Oxygen-bubble — in addition to oxygen, it often contains activated charcoal and collagen. The mask foams upon contact with the skin. Such a tool delicately cleanses the pores and has a refreshing effect. Optimal for all skin types.

Multi-stage — consists of several components for complete facial skin care (cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing). Assumes use in several stages.

Natural (organic) — produced on the basis of components of natural origin. Organic formulas often include extracts of green tea, collagen, cucumber, hydrolat, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. Such masks perfectly nourish, moisturize, cleanse and tone the skin, while not containing harmful substances, such as parabens or dyes.

Indelible (cream-mask) — unlike other masks, it is not washed off the skin, while excess funds are removed with a napkin. Such a mask intensively nourishes the skin and is often applied before bedtime.

Scrub — contains solid particles that effectively cleanse the skin of dead cells. Scrub helps to get rid of excess fat and remove toxins.

Film — has a gel-like or liquid consistency, which, after some time after application, hardens the face. Gently removes dead skin particles, cosmetic residues, sebaceous plugs and impurities, has a rejuvenating effect. The composition of such funds contains ethanol, fruit acids.

Express – has a very fast action (within 15 minutes) due to the high concentration of active ingredients, such as collagen or hyaluronic acid. Eliminates traces of stress and fatigue, restores freshness and brightness to the skin.

S cosmetic or therapeutic mud — characterized by a high concentration of active ingredients. Reduces the secretion of sebum, eliminates sebaceous plugs, has an anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates the blood supply to skin cells.

S cosmetic clay — the properties of such masks are determined by the type of clay:

  • blue — relieves acne, refreshes the complexion, stimulates metabolic processes in skin cells, deeply cleanses, heals pimples and wounds (for oily skin);
  • red — cleanses and narrows enlarged pores, removes black spots and inflammation, provides a lifting effect (for oily skin);
  • green — normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands, eliminates excess sebum, rejuvenates (for problematic and oily skin);
  • yellow — softens and enriches the dermis with oxygen, gently cleanses, removes toxins and toxins (for problematic, mature, combination and dry skin);
  • pink — cleanses and nourishes the skin, eliminates redness and irritation, fights fine wrinkles (for sensitive skin);
  • white (kaolin) — softens and deeply cleanses the skin, reduces oily sheen, tightens pores, dries out pimples, gives a lifting effect (for all skin types).


Most common creamy masks. The thick texture of such cosmetics provides intensive nutrition and hydration of the dermis, and also prevents the product from draining from the face. These masks are chosen by girls with normal and dry skin. Apply with a spatula.

gel-like masks perfectly moisturize and are easy to apply by hand. Ideal for dry skin.

There are hydrogel and fabric masks. These are finished products that are impregnated with a gel-like composition and active serum, respectively. Very convenient to use.

A separate category powder maskswhich must be prepared by diluting with water before use. Working with such tools is less convenient, but it is possible to get the desired consistency of the product.

pasty masks are made on the basis of cosmetic clay. This cosmetic has an exfoliating and toning effect, perfectly keeps on the face. A spatula is used for application. But liquid products moisturize well, but drain from the face. These masks are applied with a brush.

Application time

Most face masks are universal, that is, they are used at any time of the day. There is also night makeup, which is applied before bedtime. The high efficiency of such masks is based on the fact that at night the skin absorbs beneficial substances better.

skin type

Most masks are suitable for owners of all skin types, but for specific problems it is better to use specialized products.

For normal skin, masks with a moisturizing effect are suitable. It is desirable that hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and algae extracts, and dandelion honey are present in the composition of such products.

For dry skin, moisturizers that contain extracts of cucumber and sea buckthorn, camellia oil are optimal.

For oily skin, anti-inflammatory, sebum-regulating and cleansing masks are recommended. Many masks for oily skin are made on the basis of cosmetic clay.

For combination, mixed skin, cleansers and moisturizers with bentonite, sea salt, lavender and cucumber extracts are suitable. Masks that narrow pores are especially useful.

For sensitive skin, moisturizing and soothing cosmetics are used. It is good if the composition contains extracts of chamomile and aloe vera, jojoba, almond and shea oils.

For problematic skin, cleansing, anti-inflammatory, soothing and sebum-regulating masks are used. These products may contain camellia leaf extract, tea tree oil, salicylic acid.


Moisturizing — saturates the skin with moisture and retains it, eliminates fine wrinkles. The formula of such cosmetics includes glycerin, collagen, plant extracts, vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, thermal water.

cleansing – removes dirt and excess sebum, tightens pores, has a matting effect. A similar effect is provided by charcoal, cosmetic clay, zinc, glycolic acid.

Anti-inflammatory — Eliminates greasy shine, has a regenerating and healing effect. This cosmetic contains cosmetic clay, therapeutic mud, seaweed extract.

Food — enriches the skin with useful substances that improve its condition. The composition of these products contains plant extracts and vitamins.

Lifting — tightens the shape of the oval of the face, improves the tone of the dermis and makes it more elastic. These masks contain protein, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, fruit acids, collagen. Typically, such funds are used by women over 35 years of age.

exfoliation — Eliminates dead skin cells, which stimulates the renewal of the epidermis. This cosmetics contains volcanic ash,

Anti-aging — stimulates skin renewal, smoothes wrinkles. Such masks tighten the oval of the face and eliminate puffiness. Contain collagen, vegetable oils, proteins.

Разглаживание – evens out the skin texture and thereby eliminates fine wrinkles. Manufacturers include jojoba, rosemary, hazelnut, magnolia extract in the formula of such products.

Recovery — removes signs of fatigue from the face, stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, gives the dermis firmness and elasticity, strengthens the barrier function. Such masks will help out if you need to look good after a sleepless night or a busy day at work. Contain sea buckthorn oil, calendula extract, honey, coconut extract, glycerin.

Seboregulation — reduces the secretion of sebum by normalizing the functioning of the sebaceous glands. Such cosmetics are made on the basis of cosmetic clay and zinc oxide.

Lighting – Evens out skin tone, reduces age spots, eliminates freckles and redness. These products contain cosmetic clay, vitamin C, retinoids, parsley and cucumber extracts.

Toning — enhances skin tone, gives it elasticity and relieves puffiness. Such masks are characterized by a healing and refreshing effect. They are made on the basis of plant extracts, such as ginseng, horse chestnut or white tea. Suitable for all skin types.

Reassurance — relieves irritation, inflammation and redness, has a softening effect and gives a feeling of freshness. The composition of these funds include thermal water, shea butter (shea), panthenol, cocoa and licorice extracts, aloe vera.


For girls aged 18-25, nourishing and moisturizing masks, as well as sebum-regulating products, are suitable. Young women aged 25-30 should choose film masks, and ladies aged 35-40 should choose nourishing cosmetics, and, if necessary, lifting products. Women after 45 years of age acquire masks with anti-aging and smoothing effects.


Mass market — masks of the budget segment, intended for a wide range of consumers. These products contain a minimum of natural ingredients.

middle market — middle-class masks that contain more natural ingredients than mass products. But such cosmetics will cost more.

Middle up — high and medium class masks. Such products occupy an intermediate position between middle-market products and professional cosmetics. These funds are quite expensive.

Professional (salon), elite (luxury) – expensive and high-quality masks. Rare natural ingredients are included in the formula of such products. It is believed that professional cosmetics are more resistant, and luxury cosmetics take better care of the skin.

Pharmacy (cosmeceuticals) — masks that are used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. Before purchasing these funds, consult with a cosmetologist.


The vast majority of face masks are addressed to women. But you can also find cosmetics for men. The difference between these products lies in the concentration of active ingredients: to cleanse the denser male skin, a mask with a saturated composition is required.

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