How to choose a skin care device

  • Kind
  • skin type
  • Nozzles
  • Modes
  • Number of speeds
  • Execution
  • Safety
  • Food
  • Equipment
  • Manufacturer


cosmetic brush — designed to remove rough skin, dirt, make-up residues and cleanse pores. This brush provides a micro-massage that improves blood circulation and stimulates the renewal of skin cells. Most often used to treat the face and neck.

In cosmetic brushes, two types of nozzle rotation are provided:

  • circular — gently cleanses the skin of the face;
  • oscillating — deeply cleanses the skin, making it smooth and soft.

There are women’s and men’s cosmetic brushes. In addition to the main tasks, female models improve the absorption of cosmetics into the skin, while male models are used to prepare bristles for shaving / trimming.

Electropumice — relieves keratinized skin, corns and calluses on the heels and feet. Makes heels smoother. Grinding elements in such devices are divided into two categories.

  • Roller – easy to use, massage the feet. A good choice for home use.
  • Disk — favorably differ from the previous option in availability, but more difficult to work with. The optimal solution for craftsmen.

Peeling device — provides deep cleansing of the facial skin and gently removes the keratinized epidermis. As a result, the top layer of the skin is renewed.

cosmetic device is a multifunctional device for skin care. Removes unwanted hairs on the face, cleanses the dermis, performs micromassage.

Sauna (vaporizer) — cleanses the pores of the skin of the face, gives it elasticity and enriches with oxygen. Using a sauna helps to get rid of acne and promotes better absorption of cosmetics. A similar procedure is performed after cleansing the face and before applying the mask.

Facial saunas provide the following features.

  • Ionization – additionally saturates the skin with moisture and oxygen. As a result, the skin becomes softer and its structure improves.
  • Aromatherapy — allows you to use a decoction of herbs or essential oils. Aromatherapy relieves fatigue, has a positive effect on the lungs and skin.

Humidifier — saturates the skin with molecularly structured moisture and stimulates metabolic processes (décolleté, hands, face).

Makeup applicator — serves for uniform application and shading of liquid foundation.

skin type

An important parameter that determines the effectiveness of the device. Each skin type has features, without which the selected device will not be useful, and in the worst case, it will harm.

Normal and combination (combination of oily and dry areas) skin is the least demanding, but sensitive and problem skin needs delicate treatment. Therefore, choose the device according to your skin type.


Quantity — the larger this parameter, the wider the possibilities of the device for skin care.

Cosmetic brushes are equipped with 3-4 nozzles. In different kits you can find nozzles for massage, skin moisturizing (sponge), peeling, devices for normal and sensitive skin.

Peeling devices are equipped with 3 nozzles — large, small (for spot treatment) and coarse, with which they act on keratinized skin.

Facial saunas are supplied with 1 or 2 nozzles. Devices with one nozzle will be cheaper, but less functional. In the second case, facial cleansing and inhalation are performed using different devices, which increases the effectiveness of the procedures.

Rigidity – nozzles for cosmetic brushes are soft, medium hard, hard, extra hard. The choice of the desired model is made based on the type of skin. For sensitive dermis, take a soft nozzle, for combination and oily — medium hardness, for normal — hard.

Granularity — according to this indicator, grinding elements for electric pumice are divided into fine-grained and coarse-grained. The latter option is suitable for treating rough dermis, and nozzles with fine grit are indispensable for polishing feet and working with sensitive skin.

The coating of grinding elements for electropumice affects their performance. The antimicrobial coating reduces the likelihood of infection, the diamond coating prolongs the life of the nozzles.


Quantity — the efficiency of the device directly depends on this indicator. Some cosmetic brushes have 2 modes — rotation and vibration (double action). This ensures that the skin is cleansed and massaged. Saunas for the face have 3 modes of steam supply, which allows you to care for the skin and carry out therapeutic inhalation.

Number of speeds

This characteristic affects the functionality of the device for skin care and often corresponds to the number of nozzles in the kit. In different devices, the number of speeds is:

  • 1-2 — electropumice;
  • 2-4 — cosmetic brushes;
  • 5 — devices for peeling.

The optimal speed is selected based on the type of skin. For example, in cosmetic brushes, the first speed provides a delicate treatment of sensitive and dry skin, the second is suitable for normal, and the third and fourth for oily, problematic and combination.


Water resistance – denoted by the code IPXX, in which the second in which the second digit indicates the degree of protection against moisture:

  • IPX5 – the device is protected from jets falling from any direction;
  • IPX6 – the device is protected from strong jets falling from any direction;
  • IPX7 – the device withstands short-term immersion in water to a depth of 1 m. It makes it possible to use devices in the shower and bath.

Washable attachments — this property facilitates the care of these devices.

Backlight – makes it easier to use the device in low light and improves the efficiency of skin treatment. In particular, when epilating, the backlight reduces the chances of missing fine hairs.

LED indication – informs the user about the selected operating mode of the device and the battery charge level.

fast charging – saves time to recharge the battery.


Sleep timer — allows you to set the duration of the procedure. After a certain period of time, the gadget will turn itself off. Eliminates the need to control the duration of procedures.

overheat protection — prolongs the life of the facial sauna.


Batteries – allow you to use the skin care device without plugging into a power outlet. In addition, depleted batteries can be quickly replaced with new ones. The disadvantage is the constant cost of acquiring new batteries. The best option for those who love to travel.

Battery – has the same advantage as batteries, but saves money. Minus — you need an outlet and time to recharge the battery.

Net — provides continuous power to the device. The disadvantage is the dependence on the outlet. This method is suitable for those who use the device at home.

Network + battery — combined option. Allows you to take care of your skin at home and on the go.


Mirror – built into the case of the peeling device. Allows you to peel anywhere.

Beaker – simplifies the filling of the facial sauna evaporator tank with water.

Power adapter — allows you to charge the battery of electropumice and other devices.

Stand (docking station) — used to charge the cosmetic brush.

Brush for cleaning – facilitates the care of electropumice.

Case — protects the cosmetic brush from dust, dirt, scratches. Facilitates storage and transportation of the device.


The group of the cheapest models is made up of products from various Chinese «no-name» brands — you should not buy them, because they fail too quickly, are made of bad plastic, often overheat, and can harm the skin. The purpose of the device is important: for heels, it is quite possible to try Chinese electro-pumice, in the worst case, it simply won’t do much. But experiments on the skin of the face are not worth it: harmful materials, pungent odors of plastic can cause an allergic reaction!

A good choice would be devices from manufacturers of inexpensive household appliances: Clatronic, Gemei, Gotie, Lebond, ManiQuick, Polaris, Remington, Rotex, Scarlett, Sinbo, Trisa, Tristar and others. For personal use, they are quite enough. They are inexpensive. Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the low reliability of some models: the simpler the device, the higher the likelihood of its stable operation. Sometimes among the models of brushes come across too hard — before buying, be sure to try these devices to the touch. Stiff bristles can harm the skin.

Excellent brushes, electric pumice and other devices are produced by well-known manufacturers AEG, BaByliss, Beurer, Blaupunkt, Braun, Camry, Panasonic, Philips, Scholl and others. The price is sometimes comparable to less reliable brands, most often a little higher. Almost all models with a good brand guarantee, work for a long time, are made of good materials. It is worth remembering that even the best device can injure the skin with inept handling.

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