Knowing how to choose a swimsuit according to the type of figure, shopping for a girl turns from a difficult task into a pleasant procedure. And for those who do not yet feel like an expert in this matter, this article is intended.

Swimsuit according to the type of figure

  1. Pear. A well-known and very common complexion — a rather massive and voluminous bottom is combined with narrow shoulders and a small chest. You can restore the balance with the help of two-color models of swimsuits with plain swimming trunks and a bright, patterned bodice. They can also help to visually enlarge the top: a bust bandeau, voluminous cups, jewelry and decorative elements on the bodice, a horizontal strip.
  2. Apple. A characteristic feature of such a complexion is a wide waist. This is the most difficult case of choosing a swimsuit according to the type of figure. One-piece swimsuits or tankinis with a V-neck will help you emphasize your figure. Of the separate ones, pay attention to those where the top is a halter (with ties around the neck), and the bottom is with high side cutouts. Another idea is retro-style swimwear with high waisted bottoms.
  3. Hourglass. The most feminine body type. Soft shapes, beautiful large breasts, wide hips combined with a narrow waist — all this not only looks seductive and beautiful, but also makes it much easier for the owners to choose a swimsuit according to their body type. In principle, 90% of models are suitable for such a complexion, with the exception of those that create even more volume (these can be frills or multi-layer ruffles). The ideal option is a two-piece swimsuit with an underwired bodice. One piece swimsuits, tankinis, tie neck models will all look good. Be careful with bandeau and monokini. The first will visually make the chest wider, and the second, due to the large cutouts in the waist area, will make even more emphasis on the chest and hips.
  4. inverted triangle. Here the story is just the opposite of choosing a pear-shaped swimsuit. Try to visually stretch the top with deep V-necks or asymmetrical straps. Focus on the lower part with the help of all the same decorative «skirts», ruffles, draperies and the like.
  5. Rectangle. Athletic physique requires balancing with more feminine models. In this case, frankly sporty swimsuits should be avoided: simple plain «bando» or «tankini». Bright, original and interesting colors are suitable: large flowers, tropical leaves, geometric prints and the like. A separate or one-piece “swimdress” (swimming dress) will look feminine and cute. It also looks good in a swimsuit for the “rectangle” type of figure: push-up bras, frill and ruffle trim, voluminous decorative elements (bows, rings), a bodice tied around the neck.


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