How to choose a swimsuit according to your figure

With the advent of summer, fashionistas expect an increased number of worries — they need not only to update their wardrobe by preparing stylish vacation outfits and images for hot days, but also not to forget about clothes for the beach. Girls with a perfect figure, of course, will be a little easier — choose any model you like. But what about those whose figure cannot be called ideal? Lie down under the surgeon’s knife or hide in the shadows all summer long? We know the answer better — just choose a swimsuit that suits your body.

In this article we will tell you how to choose a swimsuit according to your figure.

Swimwear for full

A closed black swimsuit is a classic example of a great choice for full ones. Curvy ladies should pay attention to models with wide straps of the bodice — this way you will provide reliable breast support and make your shoulders and arms slimmer.

Noticeably slim all vertical and diagonal prints. Abstract patterns are best used only in details — on the bodice, panties or as inserts.

A fitted swimsuit will not only emphasize your natural beauty, but also hide minor flaws in your appearance.

Swimwear for skinny

It is also important for thin girls to know which swimsuit to choose. After all, their main problems are small breasts, the absence of a pronounced waist and too narrow hips.

You can focus on the chest with bright colors and catchy prints on the bodice. Swimsuits, decorated with small frills on the bodice and panties, also look good.

A one-piece swimsuit with cutouts on the sides will emphasize a flat tummy.

To make your hips fuller, use swimsuits with skirts, drapes, and any other kind of voluminous or bright decoration on the panties. It can be advised to wear a swimsuit with shorts, but remember that they are only suitable for tall ones, as they visually shorten the legs.

The general rule for choosing a swimsuit sounds like this — the parts of the body that you want to hide should be in soft colors (ideally also matte), and those that you want to emphasize should be bright, saturated, decorated with decor and prints.

Now you know how to choose the right swimsuit, and you will surely be able to become a real queen of the beach!


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