how to choose accessories for clothes

The easiest way to change or decorate any look is to wear different accessories. It is jewelry that can make each image shine with new colors, hide flaws or highlight advantages, and also emphasize the status of its owner. But, even considering the huge variety of handbags, belts and jewelry, most fashionistas are afraid to opt for an extraordinary and bright accessory. You should not be afraid of such jewelry, because even they can fit any outfit.

How to choose the right accessories?

Before you buy any thing, be sure to decide in what outfit you will use it. The main thing to remember is that the brighter and more original the accessory, the more ordinary things should be. Another rule for choosing accessories: choose them depending on the time of year. For winter, large bags and overall products that look good in this particular period are good. For summer time, it is better to use accessories made from any natural materials, which can be amber, wood, corals or other ornamental stones. Knowing what accessories to choose, you can easily create a large number of images from the same things.

When choosing accessories for a black dress, pay attention to the cut of the product. If the thing has clear geometric lines, choose jewelry and other products with even edges and right angles. When creating a gentle and soft image, accessories with rounded shapes should be used. Always remember the harmony in the color scheme between the outfit and accessories. In addition, the entire image must be designed in the same style direction. For example, not a single classic formal suit will tolerate being combined with extraordinary jewelry or solemn diamonds.


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