How to choose clothes on body type

The issue of choosing clothes according to the type of figure is important for every modern fashionista who wants to look stylish and attractive every day. In order to know how to choose clothes according to the type of figure, for your complexion, you need to understand what goals are being pursued. The main task is to achieve maximum balance in body shapes, add visually where there is not enough, visually reduce excessively voluminous places, smooth out sharp corners and, on the contrary, add rigidity where everything is too sloping. It does not matter at all whether you have a large chest, long legs or what is the girth of the hips. The main thing is that everything should be proportional and harmonious.

The main types of female figure:

  • pear (wide hips + narrow shoulders);
  • apple (wide waist, stomach possible);
  • rectangle (sporty body type, small breasts and buttocks);
  • inverted triangle (broad shoulders and narrow hips);
  • hourglass (figure with a classic chest-waist-hips difference).

When choosing clothes for the type of figure «pear» you need to create additional volume in the upper body or simply reduce the emphasis on the lower. This can be achieved with:

  • dark bottom (black or dark blue trousers or jeans will visually slim your legs);
  • blouse with flounces, ruffles, bows and other voluminous decorations;
  • strapless tops and dresses.

When choosing clothes for the type of figure «rectangle» attention should be paid to feminine models from light, flowing fabrics. The silhouette should be created as soft as possible. This will help you:

  • blouses with elastic at the bottom;
  • wide pants;
  • voluminous sweaters;
  • dresses «robes» and «baby dollars»;
  • maxi sundresses from flowing materials;
  • A-line skirts and other things that create volume.

When choosing clothes for the type of figure «Apple» the main task is to highlight the waistline so as to bring the shape closer to the «hourglass». To do this, use:

  • fitted or under the belt jackets;
  • shirts, blouses and wrap dresses;
  • high waist trousers;
  • robe dresses.

Coloring can help you too. To deceive the eye, choose a dress model in an animal, tie or small geometric print and tie the waist with a contrasting, wide, solid color belt.

When choosing clothes for the type of figure «inverted triangle» the rules opposite to the «pear» apply. Find for you will be:

  • wide pants;
  • A-shaped and even dresses;
  • balloon dresses and the like, with volume in the hips;
  • trapeze skirts.

In this case, you need to forget about:

  • transverse stripe in the upper body;
  • strapless tops and dresses;
  • dresses with a fitted skirt and a voluminous top;
  • skinny trousers combined with raglan sleeves.

The «hourglass» set is the easiest to choose clothes for. All that is needed is to maintain proportions, avoiding skew in any direction.


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