How to choose clothes

Any girl to become a beauty needs to master the art of choosing a wardrobe. And three «whales» are important in this matter, which include style, color and size. We will discuss these fundamental criteria in more detail.

Step one

We girls are capricious, changeable, and fickle. That is why it is sometimes difficult to choose the appropriate image in clothes. The main rule is to choose the style that best suits a particular situation. Agree, a girl in ripped jeans in a respectable office looks ridiculous. Just like a woman in a formal business suit at a party. To master the science of how to learn how to choose your own clothes, you should critically evaluate your figure, age and lifestyle. In most cases, a universal wardrobe includes clothes for business, sports and romantic styles. But for lovers of ethno, extravagance, retro, vintage, cargo and other styles, the choice is not limited.

step two

Even in an outfit that perfectly matches the situation, you will not look the way you would like if the color scheme of the image is chosen incorrectly. As a rule, the concept of a color type helps to choose colors in clothes that suit you. Having decided what type of appearance yours belongs to, you can focus on the “right” colors when compiling your wardrobe. If the girls of the “summer” and “autumn” color types are bright colors, then “winter” and “spring” require softer shades. But white and gray in all their manifestations are universal colors that suit everyone without exception. Combining several colors or shades in clothes, follow the rule of their correspondence: bright with bright, muted with muted. Of course, there are exceptions that look very profitable, but here it is important to have good taste. Not sure if the chosen color palette suits you? Use special color combination tables.

Step Three

And now let’s talk about how to choose the right clothes according to the type of figure, because neither the style of the outfit, nor the well-chosen color will save if the size does not match. We note right away that a figure that is ideal in all respects is an exception. Even famous beauties have their flaws that are not visible to the eyes of others. And all because these women know the main rule for choosing clothes — we demonstrate the advantages, skillfully mask the shortcomings. Beautiful shoulders, but small breasts? Choose models of dresses and tops with open shoulders and pleats, flounces, ruffles in the neckline. Long beautiful legs, but too wide hips? A puffy skirt or tulip style will help.

In three simple steps, you will definitely come to success!


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