When shopping for new jeans, fashion experts recommend that you first determine your body type. Five are the most common in our time: «pear», «apple», «rectangle», «inverted triangle» and «hourglass».

Jeans for pear shape

«Pear» or «triangle» — a type of figure with a voluminous lower part, as opposed to a rather fragile and narrow upper part. Despite popular belief, tight-fitting skinny pants are by no means the best option for such a complexion. Jeans in this case will fit with slightly loose legs — like pipes. The second winning option is flared jeans from the knee or from the hip.

Jeans for apple body type

One of the most difficult cases for the selection of jeans according to the type of figure. «Apples» are characterized by medium or lush breasts, short stature and a wide waist. A great option for them are models with a high fit — this will help to visually lengthen the legs, while picking up the stomach. You can also consider the style free in the hips and narrowed at the ankle. «Skinnies» are allowed only if you have a voluminous base or a blazer on top that covers the problem area.

Jeans for Rectangle Body Type

On the legs of the «rectangles» skinny jeans look just classic. In principle, this complexion is one of the easiest trousers to pick up. That is what most catwalk models have. Narrow hips, missing buttocks, narrow chest and waist — all of the «rectangles» are almost the same size. Culottes or any other high-waist cropped trousers will look good. Look for additional volume in models with tucks or «boyfriends». But do not overdo it with low-sitting jeans — such a fit will only emphasize the «rectangular» complexion.

Inverted Triangle Jeans

What to do with this type of figure is quite easy to guess. Excess volume in the shoulder girdle must be balanced by an increase in the hips. Definitely good options:

  • shortened bananas;
  • flare from the knee;
  • classic wide jeans
  • mom jeans (high waist, volume in the hips, trouser leg tapering down the leg).

Eliminate the «skinny» and jeggings — they will indicate the difference in proportions.

Jeans for an hourglass figure are the easiest to choose. Feminine forms only need to be emphasized in moderation. Do not go overboard with overly tight or wide models — in each of these cases, your bottom will look heavy and massive. And the classic straight models of jeans, loose at the hips and narrowed to the bottom, will visually stretch you and add length to your legs.

Now you definitely should not have any questions about how a woman should choose the right jeans for her body type!


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