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It is impossible to imagine any wardrobe of a stylish and modern girl without such a comfortable and versatile thing as jeans. But it is not so easy to find the right model of jeans that will make the female figure even more seductive. How to choose the right jeans?

How to choose the right jeans?

Every modern girl should know how to choose jeans for herself, but tall fashionistas are the most lucky in this sense. Most often, they have a good figure and they can afford to wear any kind of jeans. Long models with a low waist line will look great on tall and thin girls.

How to choose the perfect jeans for petite girls? Fashionistas with this height are better off choosing models that look a little like classic pants. In these jeans, all pockets, creases and cut should be similar to trousers. Classic arrows perfectly lengthen the silhouette and figure. But it is worth remembering that not all jeans with arrows can look harmonious, so choose options with vertical seams or lines in the middle of each leg.

How to choose the size and style of jeans for girls who have full hips? Girls with such body features can afford dark models with wide and straight legs. In addition, they will also go with low-waisted jeans, which can hide a small tummy if it is not tied with a strap. But this option would be inappropriate if the stomach is still visible from under the jeans.

Thin women with model figures can safely choose any model, decorated with various zippers, applications, rivets and pockets. On such figures, any fashion trends will look amazing. In general, classic models of a blue tint are suitable for all women, where the legs are not flared and not narrowed.


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