how to choose jewelry for a dress

A large number of fashionistas cannot choose the right jewelry for any dress. But making this choice is not a bit difficult if you are guided by some rules.

How to choose the right jewelry?

The first rule is to carefully choose the shape of the jewelry. If the dress has a complex print or unusual patterns, then it is better to choose an ornament with a plain and simple shape. How to choose the right jewelry for plain dresses? This outfit will look best with jewelry that has a complex and rather bold design.

The second rule of how to choose jewelry concerns the choice of jewelry color. At the same time, it is necessary to be guided only by such principles as choosing the color of jewelry for the color of the outfit, as well as for your own type of hair or face color. For example, brown-eyed brown-haired women with dark skin will look good in jewelry in warm shades of rose gold. It is better for blue-eyed fair-skinned brunettes to give their preference to cold shades of silver or gold. Basically, you need to be based on your skin tone, that is, warm tones of the face are well emphasized by metals of warm colors, and cold ones by cold ones.

As for the selection of jewelry to match the color of the outfit, in this case the principle of the so-called color wheel applies. In such a color wheel, shades that place bright accents are opposite the color you have chosen, and the color scheme that only slightly shades or complements the chosen color is most often located next to it. For example, a red dress can best be shaded with green jewelry and vice versa. Complete the purple outfit with yellow jewelry, which will become an elegant and feminine combination. A deep blue dress will look good with orange jewelry, and vice versa.

How to choose jewelry for elegant clothes?

How to choose the right jewelry for a black dress? In this case, the right choice is very easy to make. Black dresses will look just great with almost any jewelry that has pearls or bright stones. If you want to create a truly classic look, then complement the black outfit with traditional jewelry in red, black or white shades. An unusual image can be created with the help of multi-colored, decorated jewelry.

How to choose wedding jewelry? Traditionally, a wedding dress is white, so this outfit will look great not only with light, but also with any multi-colored jewelry.


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