how to choose shoes for a dress

It is not easy to find the right pair of shoes for any dress. Because shoes should match not only in color, but also in the shape of the toe, heel, and also in style. The stylists were able to develop some guidelines for choosing the right shoes for the dress.

What shoes to wear with a dress?

First of all, pay attention to comfortable shoes, since lameness and a constrained gait due to too narrow shoes will not adorn any girl. For a casual casual dress, you can opt for a pair of flats, small wedges, or heels. Such a choice must be made from the fact that you will have to walk in these shoes for a long time, and many women will not be able to use stilettos for many hours.

Dresses with a sporty cut should be complemented by appropriate shoes, so you do not need to complement such outfits with heels. To date, shoes that combine the features of women’s shoes and sports sneakers have become a real trend. This option is a worthy competition to all other types of sports shoes.

The best shoes for a long dress are high heels. They can be satin, stretch or varnished. Shoes under a floor-length dress with both closed and open toes are very popular. It is worth remembering that it will be extremely inconvenient to walk in such shoes for a long time, so put them on when you go to a gala event by car.

The most suitable option for summer is open, light shoes, such as sandals or slates, as well as summer boots that have become popular recently. It is very important that the dress matches the shoes, so you can match them in color or use very similar shades. A combination of matching colors will be very original.


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