How to choose shorts according to your figure

In the most sultry time, everyone wants to dress as simply and lightly as possible. Just such a product as shorts will easily help us with this. In the upcoming season, shorts will be very popular, and today all girls and women can wear them, regardless of age or style preferences. The versatility and lightness of shorts does not mean at all that you can put on the first model that comes across. These things, like many others, must be selected taking into account all the characteristic features of your figure.

How to choose shorts according to your figure?

If a girl is tall, then, unfortunately, short shorts will not suit her very well. The best option for tall fashionistas is models slightly above the knee, while if the legs are full, then the shorts should have a simple bottom, and if thin, the shorts can be cuffed.

For a pear figure, high-waisted shorts are suitable, since it is these models that lengthen the legs, make them slimmer, and also highlight the waistline.

Unlike shorts for a pear-shaped figure, shorts for thin people can have various large and unusual prints. Be sure to choose products that will fit you perfectly, because shorts that are too tight or too dangling on the legs will only emphasize excessive thinness.

If you are the owner of lush and mouth-watering forms, then opt for Bermuda shorts. They can be slightly above the knees or cover them, the main thing is that they do not hinder movements and are free enough.

Girls with petite parameters can give their preference to models of shorts with vertical stripes, which will lengthen the legs and increase growth. But you should not choose products with various patch pockets or some large trim.


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