how to choose sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential accessory for anyone who wants to look fashionable and protect their eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays. Every year, the fashion for the shape of the frame and the color of the glasses changes. Women on the lookout go out each season in search of that perfect pair of sunglasses. Such searches sometimes turn into a grueling task, since the fashionable frames you like do not always fit the type of face. Therefore, in order not to be mistaken, it is necessary to remember a few recommendations on how to choose glasses according to the shape of the face.

The choice of frame shape according to the type of face

Before choosing sunglasses, you need to analyze the features and determine what shape of your face you have. With a square, wide type, it is better to wear an oval-shaped frame. This allows you to smooth out sharp, angular lines. Prominent cheekbones will hide the aviator glasses model with a rounded lower part of the frame.

How to choose the right sunglasses for elongated, rectangular shape of the face? In this case, large frames that cover the central part of the face look advantageous. Models of glasses with a bridge on the bridge of the nose will somewhat reduce the elongated face.

Before choosing sunglasses for round face, take a closer look at the rectangular frames. The round shape is balanced by a fairly wide frame with clear geometric lines. Round glasses should be avoided.

For girls with heart shaped face the ideal option would be a fashionable frame — «butterfly». In such glasses, the inner part is oval and narrow, and the outer part has a square shape. This frame will balance a narrow chin and fairly wide cheekbones.

Girls with oval face almost any classic frames, except for oval ones, are suitable. In this case, when choosing glasses, it is necessary to observe proportions: the frame must match in width with the widest part of the face.

Now a few words about how to match glasses to a face with some features. A prominent nose will be hidden by a large dark-colored frame with a low bridge. A massive chin with other parts of the face will balance the model of glasses with a thick frame. Girls who have small facial features should avoid narrow and small glasses. A high forehead will be hidden by frames sitting on the very bridge of the nose. Thin metal frames are contraindicated for persons with large features.

Choosing eye protection

Often we pay attention only to how to choose the shape and color of sunglasses, forgetting that it is not only a fashion accessory, but also a means of protecting the eyes from aggressive ultraviolet radiation, which can cause serious vision problems.

It is necessary to choose glasses with the maximum percentage of protection from UV rays, especially for relaxing on the beach. Information about the degree of such protection is on the label. Naturally, high-quality sunglasses are not cheap. It is better to buy them in specialized stores.

Now, knowing how to choose the right shape for glasses, you should remember a few more important points:

  • the frame must be selected according to size;
  • the temples should not squeeze behind the ears;
  • the jumper should not put pressure on the bridge of the nose;
  • the border of the upper line of the frame should pass along the line of the eyebrows, and in no case should they be closed.

If you choose the right sunglasses according to the type of face, you can not only create a fashionable interesting image, but also skillfully hide some flaws. Sunglasses will also help prevent the formation of wrinkles around the eyes, which is caused by intense exposure to sunlight.


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