how to choose the right dress

It is not at all difficult to dress according to the weather and mood. But choosing clothes according to your figure is much more difficult. This also applies to the choice of dresses, which have recently become one of the most important items in any women’s wardrobe.

How to choose a dress according to your figure?

How to choose dresses for an inverted triangle figure? This complexion is distinguished by such features as narrow hips and fairly wide shoulders. Dresses with large cutouts on the bust line are perfect for such girls. The image can be supplemented with long beads or chains that will lengthen the female silhouette and divert the attention of others from too wide shoulders.

The rectangular type of figure has a subtle difference between the waist, hips and shoulders of the girl. It is very easy to choose the style of the dress according to this figure, because the absence of all bends is easily compensated by various decor, drapery and large-sized details. Dresses with a simple and tight silhouette should be avoided.

Hourglass is the most feminine figure, which is perfect for any style of dress. But the most advantageous option is a tight-fitting dress, which perfectly emphasizes all the advantages of such a figure.

How to choose an evening dress for a fashionista with a pear-shaped figure? Owners of such forms should forget about dresses with A-line skirts and tight-fitting skirts. But dresses with wide collars and puffy original sleeves will look great on them.

How to choose the right dress for full with an apple figure? Women with such a figure are distinguished by sloping shoulders, so they should avoid various ruffles, frills and anything that can create additional volumes. Products with decorated collars and deep cuts are suitable for them, and a semi-adjacent product with vertical recesses and seams will be an ideal dress.


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