how to choose the right swimsuit

Many novice fashionistas are tormented by the question of how to choose the right swimsuit? In fact, any girl can intuitively choose clothes for herself, but she can not always do it correctly. This is especially true for beach dresses, because it is worth miscalculating with the size, model or color of the swimsuit, and all the flaws of the figure will be like a show. Our advice will «direct» your intuition in the right direction.

The basics of choosing beachwear

First, we will tell you how to choose the size of a swimsuit. The advice will be very simple. Don’t buy a swimsuit in a smaller size. The straps will tighten, the sides will come out, all the folds and flaws will be in sight. If nothing and nowhere presses and does not fall out, then this is your size.

Lush fashionistas are looking for an answer to the question of how to choose a swimsuit for full girls? Cellulite can be covered with shorts or a special skirt. Pareo is the surest lifesaver in case you have a complex. You can buy a swimsuit with a plain bottom and a colorful, catchy top. An assistant will be a V-shaped neckline paired with a longitudinal strip. But the transverse stripe with bright accents will only increase your volume. And remember — no thongs!

If you have large breasts, then do not try to give up sexy styles: stop at bodices with wide straps and deep cups. If you don’t get curvaceous, then do not buy tight bras in the form of bandages with a small pattern. A classic in the form of colorful bikinis with large flowers and sponge-filled tops is your option.

Girls with broad shoulders are contraindicated in swimsuits with a top in the form of a belt. Horizontal stripes and vertical straps are your option. The absence of a waist will be compensated for by spiral lines in the waist area. Spectacular cutouts, light colors of beachwear — that’s what fits best.

How to choose a swimsuit according to the type of figure?

Owners of a figure in the form of a rectangle (hips and shoulders of the same width, the waist is weakly expressed) need to emphasize the waist. Monokini (side slits), swimsuits with high bottoms, as well as models with ruffles will cope with this task.

For “oval” girls, a lingerie-style option is suitable: a bodice with support, swimming trunks are high. Best of all, the silhouette will be adjusted by a one-piece swimsuit with chest support and drapery. Small drawings and prints are prohibited.

We advise fashionistas with an apple figure to try on a one-piece swimsuit, because they usually have relatively miniature shoulders and hips, a large tummy. Additional tightening will solve the problem with the presence of problem areas. A monokini swimsuit, as well as a separate tankini model, is ideal. In the upper part, a bright accent is preferable. It can be ruffles, drapery, accessories or an original print.

How to choose a pear-shaped swimsuit? Everything is very simple. These beauties need to choose beachwear that would compensate for wide hips. This will help the bottom of a neutral color and the top with catchy details.

The owners of the «hourglass» when choosing beach outfits were the luckiest. Any swimsuit is suitable for them: an unusual bandeau, a revealing bikini, a sports model, a plunge (deep cutouts on the back and front sides).

How to choose the color of a swimsuit?

The situation is simpler with the color scheme than with the style. Remember your favorite shades, they will enhance your mood and give you self-confidence.

Blue looks rich, and most importantly, it visually slims and smoothes figure flaws. Green is a complex color, it is not suitable for everyone. Bright light green rejuvenates and favorably emphasizes the silhouette. Red is a symbol of inner freedom and emancipation, which means it is suitable for brave girls. You can’t go wrong by choosing black, because black is a classic. So that this beachwear does not look dull, it is better that the model is decorated with drawings or accessories.


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