how to choose the right wardrobe

The question of how to choose the right wardrobe for a girl remains one of the most relevant today. Modern women of fashion are sometimes so demanding and capricious that even the most experienced stylist could not choose clothes in accordance with their criteria. However, according to professionals, it is necessary to clearly distinguish between the concepts of the right selection of clothes and the right wardrobe. To avoid difficulties in this matter, you should seek help from experienced craftsmen and fashion creators.

Stylist’s advice on how to choose a wardrobe

In order for your wardrobe to be correct, you need to choose clothes in accordance with the type of your appearance and figure. If it is not difficult to determine the type of appearance, then not every fashionista can impartially evaluate her figure. First of all, discard subjective judgments and be objective. Highlight the main disadvantages and advantages. And then choose clothes in such a way as to emphasize your pluses, and hide extra roundness, angularity or other disadvantages of the body. Only in this case your wardrobe will be correct.

When it became clear how to choose the right wardrobe, you should move on to the second question — how to choose the right wardrobe. To do this, stylists give a few basic recommendations, guided by which, you will always look fashionable and tasteful.

First, check out what’s new for the season. Stay up to date with the latest fashion trends. Flip through a few fashion magazines and browse online fashion portals.

Having refreshed yourself theoretically, move on to practice. Find out about the location of fashion stores in your city. Enlist the support of a good friend or friend so that your wardrobe can be appreciated from the outside. Do not ignore the advice of consultants. It is often the professionally trained salespeople who see which piece of clothing best suits you. But also, of course, be sure to rely on personal preferences and feelings.


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