How to choose your style

Any piece of clothing can do wonders. The main thing is to be able to choose the right image for you, and success is guaranteed to you. But women are quite unpredictable, and depending on their mood, they are able to change several images. To begin with, let’s decide which styles are the most fashionable right now.

  1. As always, classic and business style are at the peak of popularity. It is universal and suitable for every woman. The main thing is to choose the right style, model and the right accessories.
  2. Girls with a more active lifestyle prefer a sporty style.
  3. Delicate and sophisticated creations cannot do without romance, so they have a romantic style.
  4. Lovers of the 80s will love the retro and vintage style.
  5. Well, modern youth prefers unisex clothes.

How to choose the right style of clothing?

Among such a variety, how to choose the right style of clothing that would emphasize all the advantages? It’s no secret that all women are different — appearance, character, figure. Therefore, you need to choose the style of clothing according to your type of figure, age, habits and, of course, working status.

If you are the owner of curvaceous, then what style of clothing should you choose?

In fact, almost any style is suitable for a woman with curvaceous forms, if you know how to combine clothes and accessories correctly. Do not forget about the most important thing — the color scheme. There are colors that hide the flaws of donuts and visually reduce the figure, and there are those that, on the contrary, put all the charms on display. If black is slimming, then white, on the contrary, is fatter. Therefore, choosing a style for yourself, pay attention to the colors and styles of products.

If you have a question about how to choose the right style of clothing, listen to the advice of experienced stylists who recommend choosing clothes based on the situation. If, for example, you have a date, it would be ridiculous to go to it wearing unisex or casual clothes. Naturally, you choose a romantic style. Also, going to work, you will wear classic or business clothes.

How to determine the color type and choose your style of clothing?

All women are divided into 4 categories according to the seasons: winter, spring, autumn and summer. Stylists recommend that before you start searching for your style, determine which color type of appearance you belong to, then you can quickly and better choose the right style and shades for yourself.

Spring and autumn are warm colors. Accordingly, winter and summer are cold color types. The fastest way to determine your color tone is to look in the mirror to bring colors of warm and cold shades to the skin. The shade that gives your skin a healthy look and is your color type. That is, if cold shades make your eyes more expressive, and your skin looks healthy and natural, then you belong to the cold color type.


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