how to choose your style

Choosing a style of clothing according to a figure is a rather difficult task for most modern girls and women, since it is not so easy to find your own unique style in clothes. This task can be done even if you do not have an innate sense of fashion and style. You just need to follow the recommendations of image makers, stylists, and also work a little on yourself.

How to choose the right style of clothing?

The first thing you need to do is to decide on the type of figure, which can be rectangular, where the hips, shoulders and waist are at the same level, V-shaped, where wide shoulders and narrow hips, pear-shaped, where a well-defined waist and very wide hips , or other. After that, decide on your appearance color type: autumn, spring, summer or winter. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule, so there are mixed color types, for example, winter-autumn or summer-spring. This characteristic depends on the color of the hair, eyes or skin.

Constantly follow the new fashion trends and note those options for new images that you really like. You should learn how to correctly and competently combine various things from your wardrobe. There are several rules that should be followed when choosing products and when combining them:

  • do not combine more than three shades in one image so that you do not look ridiculous;
  • no need to combine clothes with cold and warm shades at the same time;
  • choose the color scheme of clothes, taking into account your personal color type;
  • do not clutter up your wardrobe with tasteless and fairly cheap products.

Knowing how to choose the right style, you can find a distinctive feature for each of your images, which will become a real «trick». It can be a hat, scarf, gloves or something else.


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