how to create your image

«Meet by clothes» — that’s what folk wisdom says. Indeed, the appearance of a person creates the first impression of him — he is successful or unsuccessful, modest or uninhibited, sociable or withdrawn. To make a good first impression, you need to have your image. But how to create your image in order to emphasize all your advantages?

First steps

Where to start? Probably, this question worries many women. Before you create a new image for yourself, first of all, you should decide on its direction. Will it be an image of a serious business woman, or a glamorous fashionista? Or maybe you choose an individual direction for yourself.

Next, take a look at your wardrobe and think about what image your clothes make of you? Things need to be properly selected for specific needs, for example, business suits for career or study, jeans for walking and relaxing, dresses for parties and more formal events. Remember that you first need to work well on the image, and then it will start working for you.

How can a girl create her image?

Young girls who are full of enthusiasm and not afraid to experiment love frequent reincarnations. Thus, they are trying to find themselves, or rather, their image. Creating an image should first of all correspond to your internal state. You should not blindly follow fashion trends — it is enough to be aware of fashion news in order to know which thing is worth using in your image and which is not. You can start creating a new image with the help of catchy jewelry, which is very relevant in the new season. Bright blouses will help to emphasize your new style, making it more intense and interesting. If you do not wear blouses, then you can use a top with an expressive pattern or unusual details.

How can a woman create her image?

An adult woman, changing her image, may well hide her age, focusing only on her merits. This is the right haircut, makeup and, of course, clothes. Everything must be in harmony with each other. Since many women are engaged in the development of their careers, it is recommended to maintain a business style that will become your calling card.

Before you start working on creating your image, remember that it should be positive, and not repel people, and then you will be in the center of everyone’s attention.


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