Of course, to perform a high-quality, and even more so therapeutic massage, you need to have certain knowledge, but even without claiming to be a massage therapist, you can deliver many pleasant and relaxing minutes to your loved ones and family if you know how to do a back massage in order to get the most useful from it. and pleasing effect.

Tip 1: Buy a massage cream

If such a tool exists, then it is needed for some reason. Do not refuse to use massage cream, because it is not just an auxiliary cosmetic product. Depending on the composition, the cream can give an additional caring effect, improve microcirculation, warm up the skin and subcutaneous tissues. When performing massage for weight loss, it is recommended to use an anti-cellulite and tightening cream that improves blood and lymph flow, smoothes the skin, and has a modeling effect.

Tip 2: Watch video tutorials

How to do massage? Of course, without the appropriate knowledge and experience, all that an ordinary person is capable of is to perform relaxing manipulations, nothing more. If you want to give your loved one real pleasure and reduce the risk of possible pain, discomfort, and even more injury, then it makes sense to pre-watch videos on the Internet and get acquainted with the basic principles of back massage, basic techniques. Do not try to master therapeutic and wellness massage on your own. You should not take bread from professionals who have the relevant knowledge and experience.

Tip 3: Use available tools

Tip 3: Use available tools

If you do not have the appropriate skills and abilities, it does not matter. Today on sale you can find a lot of various massagers, from mechanical to certified electrical devices with various attachments. Some make it possible to perform self-massage without resorting to the help of someone from the home. Basically, they are all divided into three classes: vibrating, tapping and kneading. The former can help with osteochondrosis, as well as tapping ones, which outwardly resemble a scarf equipped with a special mechanism. Kneading relieve pain in the muscles, eliminate headaches, reduce inflammation.

Tip 4: Increase efficiency

Back massage will be more beneficial if the focus is on problem areas that give a person the most discomfort, a feeling of numbness or burning. You can stay on them longer, alternating kneading movements with tapping, rubbing, patting, relaxing, etc. Rubbing is usually done with the ribs of the palms, kneading the skin and subcutaneous tissues with both hands, paying attention to each muscle group separately. Patting well improves blood circulation, but it must be remembered that a strong impact is not carried out in the area of ​​​​the kidneys, spine and shoulder blades.

Tip 5: Pay attention to subtleties and nuances

When performing a back massage, you need to take into account a lot of subtleties and nuances — the gender and age of the person, the time of day. It must be remembered that the massage is carried out only on a hard, flat surface with the head turned to the side and lying without a pillow. For a home massage session, 15-20 minutes is enough, because the masseur’s unprepared hands will get tired very quickly. At the end of the session, it is necessary to cover the person with a blanket and let him lie down and rest for a while.


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