Millions of women dream of a slender figure with a thin waist, elastic buttocks and a high bust. It is clear that not everyone is given the opportunity to approach this ideal of beauty, while most often the object of “discontent” is the chest, so many women ask themselves the question “How to enlarge it?”. At the same time, the Internet is replete with various methods designed to help the fair sex in this innermost desire. Ultimately, they all boil down to the fact that you can increase the size of the bust either by your own efforts, or by choosing a cardinal method for solving the problem — surgery. MedAboutMe will tell you which of the proposed methods really work, and which should not be trusted.

The beauty and size of the female breast: what does it depend on?

The beauty and size of the female breast: what does it depend on?

Let’s start by talking about the anatomical structure of the female breast. It consists of adipose, glandular and connective tissue, but at the same time there is no muscle tissue in it at all. The volume of this part of the body depends mainly on the presence of fat in it, while the muscles that run under the breasts, as well as the triangle of skin from the base of the bust to the chin, often called the “décolleté zone”, are responsible for its elasticity and support.

Size also depends on heredity. If all the women in the family had a small bust, it is difficult to expect miracles. At the same time, there are natural causes that can change the situation — this is pregnancy, lactation and weight gain. Of course, such breast augmentation methods do not fully meet the needs of women, so they are looking for more suitable options.

Pills and herbal medicine for breast enlargement

This method is one of the most controversial, while there are two types of tablets:

  • medicines, where the active substances are the female hormones estrogen;
  • biological food supplements based on plant analogues of hormones (phytoestrogens).

The first are the most common birth control pills. It is believed that estrogen entering the blood tends to increase the supply of adipose tissue, which gives the breast additional volume. In fact, hormones can affect bust size only in teenage girls, then susceptibility to them is lost. But estrogens prevent the removal of fluid from the body, and also affect the sensitivity of cells to insulin, which activates the process of their consumption of glucose, so taking hormones can provoke weight gain, which will ultimately affect breast volume. But will everyone agree to increase it at such a price?

Important: only a doctor has the right to prescribe hormonal drugs, but it is unlikely that such a reason as the desire to increase the bust can become an indication for their use. On the contrary, breast enlargement when taking contraceptives is considered a side effect, and if it persists for a long time, the woman will be asked to contact a mammologist to eliminate the risk of neoplasms in the mammary glands.

Now let’s talk about phytoestrogens, that is, substances of the bioflavonoid class, which are also believed to have the ability to increase the size of the bust. A high content of phytoestrogens is observed in the following cultures:

  • pharmacy chamomile, hops, red clover, linden, alfalfa, licorice, shepherd’s purse, yarrow and cinquefoil;
  • beans, leguminous plants, lentils, cabbage, garlic, carrots, soybeans;
  • pomegranates, dates, sunflower and flax seeds, nuts.

Dietary supplements are made on the basis of phytoestrogens. As a rule, they are used during menopause to correct the hormonal background.

Important: taking phytoestrogens is unlikely to help increase breasts, but in general they are useful for the female body, for example, they can reduce the risk of oncological diseases of the reproductive organs. However, it is best to take them only after consulting your doctor.

As for herbal medicine, everything is also ambiguous here. The Internet is replete with recipes for decoctions of medicinal herbs for breast enlargement, among which linden and hop cones are the most popular, but their effect on the growth of the mammary glands is clearly exaggerated. Moreover, taking such decoctions can be hazardous to health, for example, hop cones can provoke endometriosis and menstrual irregularities, therefore, before you start using such decoctions, you need to consult a doctor.

Breast augmentation through proper nutrition

Breast augmentation through proper nutrition

Our grandmothers also believed that breasts can grow if a girl eats a lot of cabbage or yeast dough. However, a young girl’s bust will grow without them. Recall that the mammary glands begin to form during puberty, so if a girl is 12 to 20 years old, then there is a high probability that her breasts will grow, or rather, fully take shape only after reaching a certain age.

The main enemy of the beauty of the female bust is strict diets, the purpose of which is rapid weight loss, especially if this occurs during the period of active growth of the mammary glands. When we start to lose weight, the chest reacts first. This happens due to the fact that it consists mainly of a fatty layer, therefore, when excess fat leaves, body volumes also decrease, including breast size. Therefore, the beauty of the female bust depends on the rate of weight loss. In addition, there is an opinion that in order to maintain its volume, up to 30 years you can afford to lose up to 1 kg per week, upon reaching this age — no more than 2-3 kg per month.

The most correct diet for the beauty of the mammary glands is a healthy and balanced diet, and here you need to follow your own rules:

  • Provide the body with all the necessary substances: vitamins, minerals, including proteins, carbohydrates and fats. There should be more vegetable fats: take them from nuts, flax seeds, soybeans, avocados, olives, unrefined vegetable oil. Sea fish will also be useful, because it is enriched with useful fatty acids.
  • Reduce your salt intake. It retains water in the body, the result will be stretching of the connective tissue. But the greens, on the contrary, perfectly strengthen it, so feel free to include dill, parsley and various leafy salads in the menu.
  • Supplement your diet with foods rich in phytoestrogens: beans, peas, beans, lentils, garlic, pomegranates, dates, as well as grains and cereals (such as oats, brown rice, millet, barley). Although they are not able to increase the volume of the bust, they can make it more elastic.
  • Useful for the beauty of the breast and any cabbage, especially kelp. It reduces appetite and is rich in iodine, which protects against mastopathy.
  • The beauty and elasticity of the mammary glands also depends on vitamins A, E, C and minerals (magnesium and potassium), so include carrots, pumpkin, citrus fruits, bananas and dried apricots in your diet. In addition, lacto-protein-rich dairy products and cottage cheese increase skin tone.

Cosmetics and procedures for breast augmentation

Cosmetics and procedures for breast augmentation

No one doubts the fact that the beauty and elasticity of the female breast depend on the use of beauty products and various cosmetic procedures. But is it possible to increase it with their help? Let’s figure it out!

Beauty products for breast enlargement

All cosmetic beauty products for the bust (gels, creams, oils, lotions) are conventionally divided into two groups depending on the active ingredients included in them. The first are phytoestrogens (we already mentioned them above!), And the second are designed to stimulate increased blood microcirculation and ensure its flow to the mammary glands. Such cosmetics gives a quick, but at the same time short-term effect. It is expressed rather not in an increase in the bust, but in its slight swelling. With systematic use (at least 1.5-2 months), the elasticity and firmness of the skin increases, as a result, the breast rises and there is a visual effect of its slight increase. The disadvantage of such funds is that they need to be used almost constantly, and these are large financial costs, so it is worth considering whether this method is so good.

Aromatherapy for Breast Enlargement

Aromatic oils (especially in combination with massage) will help in breast skin care, but one should not expect a clear increase in bust volume from these procedures. Here we are talking rather about the fact that it is possible to return the breast to its previous shape after childbirth or losing weight and make it more elastic due to which the bust will visually appear larger. What oils are suitable?

  • Rosemary promotes swelling of mammary gland tissues, improves overall skin tone;
  • Ylang-ylang and patchouli eliminate stretch marks, have a lifting and rejuvenating effect;
  • Geranium and fennel tone and improve skin elasticity.

Important: Aromatic oils are only used in combination with a carrier oil such as olive, linseed, almond, jojoba, grape or apricot kernel oils. Before you start using aromatherapy, you need to consult a doctor: there are contraindications in case of a predisposition to neoplasms.

Breast Enlargement Massage

It is possible to increase the female bust with the help of massage, but even here we are talking only about a slight increase in volume by increasing the overall tone of the pectoral muscles, as well as improving the shape of the mammary gland.

Manual massage and self-massage also increase the effectiveness of the use of beauty products for bust skin care. It is done with light movements, stroking and gentle patting techniques are used, otherwise stretch marks will appear. It is enough to give massage 10-15 minutes daily.

Manual massage can also be done in a beauty salon. In addition, in addition to classical massage, the salon can offer other techniques, for example, acupressure Chinese massage (done with small balls) or the Japanese shiatsu method (reflexology with impact on certain points).

Another method that is also better done in the salon is vacuum massage. It is carried out by a special device, consisting of cups that are placed on the mammary glands, and a compressor that creates a certain pressure in the cups and, thereby, sucks air out of them. As a result of the rush of blood, the chest swells, but this effect does not last long: from one week to a month. The disadvantage of the method is that it cannot be used regularly, the bust may sag due to constant stretching of the skin. Before doing vacuum massage, you will need to consult a doctor, as it is contraindicated for some women.

At home, you can also do water massage, but this technique will not give the effect of increasing the bust, it will only increase skin tone. An underwater massage with a tight jet of water or a cool or contrast shower does an excellent job of this (but you can’t use too hot water, this leads to a loss of elasticity). This massage is done for 3-5 minutes for each breast.

Breast augmentation through fitness

The mammary glands do not contain muscles, so it is impossible to pump up this part of the body, but you can work with the muscles that pass under the chest. The result will be a slight visual increase in the bust by improving its shape and increasing the overall skin tone. In addition, attention should be paid to the muscles of the back, this will improve posture, which will also visually enlarge the chest.

You will have to do fitness at least three times a week. You can do this both in the gym and at home. There are also home exercise machines for bust enlargement. If you believe the manufacturers, they are easy to use and with their help you can give the breast a shape, as for its increase, then, alas, it is promised insignificant. So is it worth spending money? If you have the opportunity to make financial investments in fitness, then it’s better to visit the gym: the performance will be higher, and the desired result will be achieved in a shorter time.

In addition, sports that involve the upper body, shoulders and arms, such as rowing or swimming, will help increase the volume of the pectoral muscles and increase their tone.

Questionable practices with health risks

In pursuit of beauty and desired body parameters, women are often ready to make sacrifices. But they are not always justified, as they will do more harm than good. Here are the most dubious breast augmentation methods, which can also be hazardous to health.

  • With the help of iodine and mustard plasters, it will not work to increase the size of the bust, but it’s quite possible to earn a skin burn.
  • There is a lot of information on the Internet about the benefits of fresh yeast or beer for breast enlargement. But it is proposed to consume them in such quantities that the breast may increase, but everything else will grow with it. Is it worth paying such a price for a large bust size?

Visual methods of breast augmentation

Visual methods of breast augmentation

In addition to the methods outlined above, there are also small «tricks» for visually increasing the bust.

Correction with underwear and clothes

The easiest way to visually enlarge the chest is with a special bra. Models such as «balconette», «push-up» or underwear with special inserts filled with gel, air or water will perfectly cope with this task. Good in this regard and corsets. They not only lift the bust, visually making it bigger, but also improve posture.

Another way to optically correct breast size is to choose the right clothes. Volumetric decorative inserts, draperies, lace, frills, bows and other elements significantly increase the bust. A large print and horizontal stripes in the chest area will also perfectly cope with this task. You can emphasize the bust with a dress with a high waist or a belt that is tied directly under the bust.

Makeup for the neckline

It is also possible to visually increase the bust with the help of make-up of the chest area. Only props required:

  • concealer (1 tone lighter than natural skin; it can be a highlighter, but without mother-of-pearl and sparkles);
  • bronzer (1-2 shades darker than natural skin);
  • some powder.

How to wear:

  • Using a bronzer, draw the letter “Y” in the hollow between the breasts (the check mark should “rest” against the base of the neckline triangle).
  • Concealer or highlighter to emphasize the natural roundness of the bust. Carefully blend the borders between the bronzer and concealer, while the light tone should be under the bronzer application lines.
  • Chest lightly powder.

In conclusion, we note that no matter how sad it may sound, but today the most effective method for increasing the mammary glands to the desired volume is only mammoplasty. All other methods give only a slight increase in the bust and, moreover, are often temporary. Among other things, age, natural gravity, pregnancy and lactation lead to the fact that the skin of the chest stretches over time, and malnutrition and a sedentary lifestyle lead to weakness in the muscular frame. Therefore, a woman faces a choice: constantly fight for beauty in all possible ways, or “go under the knife”. But as they say, if neither of the two doors fits, there is always the opportunity to open the third. After all, there is one more option left: to increase self-esteem and self-confidence, to love yourself for who you are, but at the same time do not forget that proper nutrition, fitness and comprehensive self-care will only increase attractiveness, but not vice versa. And then what’s the difference: do you have a large breast size or not?


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