Animal print is one of the most ancient on our planet. This is due to the fact that the first people wore animal skins. Today, in order to get dressed, you do not need to go hunting, and modern clothes are more comfortable and beautiful, unlike animal skins. However, if you want to travel to the beginning of time and get closer to the fauna, then our selection of clothes will come in handy.

Zebra Jacket by ISWAG

Zebra does not like frost, but prefers a warm climate. And she is quite capable of warming you during such changeable spring weather. If you are not afraid to stand out and be original, then the Zebra jacket will be a great purchase for you.


If you prefer pets rather than wild animals, then you will like the cute and warm Kotofey Kotofeich sweater. Appreciate it and wear it often, and it will become your most beloved pet!

Double brooch

In every wardrobe there is a place for small birds. The original double brooch «Hummingbird and Starling» will decorate any dress, and will give its owner a feeling of lightness and admiring glances of others.

Angry Dog Clutch

Don’t be intimidated by the ferocious look of a Rottweiler that bares its teeth off a Givenchy-inspired clutch bag, making it even more original. With the help of the «Angry dog» clutch, any look will become more stylish and sophisticated.


The original «Pussy in a Skirt» tights have nothing to do with a pig in a poke! Therefore, you can safely purchase this stylish thing, than prove to others that you are a bright and extraordinary girl.

Bat Norton Leopard Sweater

Those who want to play the bad girl should definitely pay attention to the Leopard sweater, which will make your look radically new. But keep in mind that with such a sweater you must adhere to the dress code, otherwise the large predators of the cat family will take you for their own.

Leopard pendant with gold tassel

And wearing the Leopard pendant, you can not be afraid of anything! It goes well with any outfit, and fashion connoisseurs will definitely note that you have a refined taste and an excellent sense of style.


What image can do without a fashionable handbag? Our selection is completed by the stylish “My pet” handbag, which is very popular with fashionistas all over the world and sells out very quickly. If you don’t want the last copy picked up right in front of you, hurry up!


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