Cellulite, which upsets the ladies, lying unevenly on the body, is called “liposclerosis” or “lipodystrophy” in medicine. It can be radically removed only with the help of surgery or hardware methods of treatment. All other methods, including various masks, creams, massage, diets, fitness, etc., contribute to the prevention of the formation of «orange peel», reduce fat reserves, positively affect the tone of the skin, muscle tissue, making any defects in subcutaneous fat less noticeable.

Why does the skin turn into an «orange peel»?

Why does the skin turn into an

Until the middle of the last century, when frank bathing suits «bikini» came into fashion, which opened the female body as much as possible to prying eyes, and in the USA for the first time the media made a fuss about cellulite, ladies lived quietly with «orange peel» on the buttocks, hips, shoulders , stomach, without experiencing any discomfort about this. Overnight, a completely innocent secondary sex characteristic turned into the worst enemy of all girls in Hollywood, on the beaches of Miami, and then throughout the globe.

Cellulite annoys not only women of significant virtues. Sometimes very young thin people, having just crossed the threshold of adolescence, suddenly begin to notice with chagrin: when you grab the skin between your fingers in a fold, it loses its tone, becomes suspiciously loose, reminiscent of citrus peel.

The fact is that cellulite is a by-product of those metabolic processes that occur in the human body, more often in women. Although it happens that due to endocrine disruptions, it manifests itself even on the body of men. That is why, as a rule, the «orange peel» is first formed during hormonal storms:

  • at puberty;
  • during pregnancy;
  • during lactation;
  • with the onset of the climax.

Provoking factors, in addition to increased production of female sex hormones, are:

  • hereditary predisposition, a tendency to liposclerosis, passed down in the family from generation to generation;
  • excess body weight, which leads to the growth of subcutaneous fat;
  • improper eating behavior leading to weight jumps, metabolic disorders;
  • smoking associated with vitamin C deficiency (it is extremely important for maintaining the youthfulness of the skin, preventing inflammatory processes, including in subcutaneous adipose tissue);
  • hypodynamia and accompanying atrophic processes in muscle tissue, loss of dermal tone, deterioration of blood and lymph microcirculation;
  • disturbances in the work of the circulatory system, leading to congestion and preparing «fertile ground» for the development of lipodystrophy.

Is it possible to remove cellulite with the help of cosmetics, diet and massage?

Is it possible to remove cellulite with the help of cosmetics, diet and massage?

Forever forget about the «orange peel», using conservative methods of cosmetology, is unlikely to succeed. Despite the tempting promises that the beauty industry generously distributes in the annotations for anti-cellulite scrubs, masks, creams, they are unable to destroy cellulite.

  • Most cosmetic products only improve the tone, the skin becomes more elastic, and therefore visually the “orange peel” becomes less noticeable.

Even the most miraculous cosmetics, which really have the ability to penetrate into the deep layers of the dermis, can only slightly reduce the tuberosity that is so annoying for the fair sex. For example, anti-cellulite wraps with seaweed, therapeutic mud, etc.

  • Often, the instructions of anti-cellulite cosmetic products prescribe to combine the application of funds with a massage.

Any beauty salon or SPA center today offers various courses of procedures, including anti-cellulite manual and hardware massage (pressotherapy, vacuum technique, hydrotherapy, etc.). Indeed, healing touches performed by a highly qualified specialist, hardware impact, help improve blood circulation, restore lymph flow, hide dermal defects, the skin becomes elastic, the body tightens, cellulite becomes less noticeable.

  • Fitness has the same effect, only more prolonged.

But even he is not able to defeat lipodystrophy. Therefore, sports girls also sometimes suffer from complexes about the “orange peel” on the buttocks, etc.

  • You should not believe in the promises of some diets: once and for all, forgetting about cellulite, losing weight, will not work.

The insidious enemy, even if it becomes less noticeable, will only hide, and at any opportunity will remind of itself. Bitter statistics show that only 5-7 out of 100 who have lost weight manage to keep the result within a year after reducing body weight, and after 5 years or more, only a few manage to survive. As soon as the kilograms begin to arrive again, the visible signs of lipodystrophy immediately return, progressing at an accelerated pace.

What cardinal ways help to transform the body?

What cardinal ways help to transform the body?

The most effective in the fight against the manifestations of lipodystrophy today are hardware anti-cellulite cosmetic procedures based on the action of ultrasonic waves and electric current.

  • «Fitness for the lazy», myostimulation, helps to activate the work of even those muscles that are very difficult to «wake up», to give them an intense load during normal sports training.

Thanks to this hardware technique, not only muscle tone improves, but also skin condition, metabolic processes are optimized and fat metabolism is accelerated, which has a beneficial effect on the whole body.

  • Ultrasonic anti-cellulite programs, which usually include several courses of procedures, give excellent results.

In addition to the breakdown of fat cells and stimulation of lymph and blood circulation, ultrasonic waves optimize collagen production, so cellulite disappears, the skin becomes more elastic, and the body looks toned.

  • One of the best hardware methods to combat cellulite is electrolipolysis.

It is based on the effect of electric current on the deposits of subcutaneous adipose tissue in places of greatest accumulation and visible manifestations of lipodystrophy. Fat seals are broken by electrical impulses of varying strength and frequency, turning from a static mass into a liquid, and then their natural removal from the body occurs.

The most cardinal method of dealing with lipodystrophy is lipoaspiration (liposuction). Serious surgical intervention is carried out with the use of anesthesia, and it is not harmless to the body, sometimes it is fraught with serious complications. Therefore, this technique is an extreme measure in the fight against cellulite. Before you decide on liposuction, you should conduct a detailed examination, carefully weigh all the pros and cons.


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