How to get rid of fatigue?

Overwork syndrome is familiar, perhaps, to every modern person. We are exposed to stressful situations every day. It can be watching the evening news, or maybe taking public transport … Subsequently, overwork can provoke depression. How to deal with it?

Long work without rest and short breaks, monotony, poor organization of the workplace — all these factors can cause overwork.

Fatigue Syndromes:

  • muscle pain

  • persistent malaise

  • apathy

  • drowsiness

  • irritability

  • general weakness

How to relieve fatigue at work?

Plan your work activities in such a way as to avoid all these symptoms. pay attention to workplace conditionthe noise level around, their own position.

If you sit in an uncomfortable chair, hunched over, not taking breaks, and even eating lunch at the computer, do not be surprised to have back problems.

Often in the afternoon there is decline in work activity. You can restore energy by stimulating blood circulation in the legs. On the soles of the feet there are biologically active points that are responsible for vital organs.

Spend a small foot massage. Take with you to work massage Mat. You need only 10 minutes and you will feel a surge of strength and energy.

Another way — compact trainerwhich will help you recover during the working day.

Laugh — it helps! When people laugh, their blood circulation speed increases by 22%.

There is a «vacation paradox» when, according to subjective perception, vacation time flieslike one day, and later, in the memories, a retrospective full of bright events arises in front of him.

How to restore your strength?

1. Try alternate classes. After work that requires a lot of mental stress, small physical exertion is useful. It can be sports, housework, just a long walk. Take a walk in the park, go to the cinema, theater, just meet with friends. New impressions will help to cope with fatigue and improve mood.

2. Any active rest increases the body’s resistance. Lack of physical activity in most people leads to various problems, including overwork.

If there is no time at all, try to work out on exercise bikeat least ten minutes.

3. Get yourself a healthy sleep. Go to bed with eight, ideally ten hours of sleep. Check if the neck is numb on the pillow, is there enough comfortable mattress.

Comfortable sleep in many ways affects the quality of life, including our health and mood.

4. Make sure that your diet was regular and correct. Forget grueling diets, eat fresh vegetables and fruits, and try to avoid fatty junk food. Give up sweets and processed foods, try to eat foods containing starch and complex carbohydrates.

A few simple tips that will increase the tone of the body: grind eggshells without an inner film into powder and take a spoonful a day, watering with lemon juice. It is also helpful to drink beetroot juice after meals, and drink calcium and salt water throughout the day.

5. Periodic lowering blood pressure, known as nervous hypotension (HHP), can cause severe fatigue. If you experience dizziness when you take a hot shower or from standing for a long time, get tested for HNP.

6. Give up alcohol and cigarettes. Bad habits will not help you relax, they are only temporary relief. Help your body cope with fatigue!

7. Try warm baths. The water temperature is 37-38 degrees, the procedure time is 20-25 minutes. Take a bath before meals or 1.5-2 hours after. The procedure time is 20-25 minutes.

It is desirable that the water does not cover the heart area. Experts advise not to take baths daily. You can also tryfoot hydromassagewhich improves blood circulation, relieves tension and fatigue in the legs.

After a pleasant warm bath, be alone and quiet for a while, thinking about something pleasant and remembering the joyful moments of your life. try focus on yourself at least for 10-15 minutes.

So you can do the best relax and relieve fatigue.


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