How to keep the beauty of the lips?

To make lips look spectacular and sexy, they just need to be well-groomed. The skin of the lips is very thin, does not secrete oil and dries quickly. How to take care of lips at home?

No matter how much they convince us from the TV screen and advertising posters that the sexiest lips are those that are applied with super-long lipstick with a magical shine, in fact, in order to produce the effect of sexy, the lips just need to be well-groomed (well , and a snow-white smile, perhaps, does not hurt). And this is a more difficult task than buying a new lipstick in the store.

home care

The skin of the lips is very thin, does not secrete oil and dries quickly, however, it also needs to be softened and exfoliated regularly. If you don’t have a special lip scrub on hand, you should not take a facial scrub.

The skin of the lips is comparable to the skin around the eyes — both areas are contraindicated for rough peeling. Better brush your lips with sugarwhich dissolves quickly and does not hurt the skin.

You can use a soft toothbrush as a massager (just remember to sterilize it periodically). In the morning, during water procedures, brush your lips several times with a brush — this procedure improve blood circulation and preserve the natural freshness of the lips.

Well revitalizes lips and morning ice rubbing. But in the evening, after you clean your lips from decorative products with a swab moistened with cosmetic milk, you need to apply special balms or creams to the skin.

About once every two days, lips should be lubricated with oil formulations: vitamin A or E, jojoba oil, olive or any other stone oil. And once a week, you need to apply a mask on your lips: from cottage cheese with cream, from honey or fresh fruits with butter. The mask is kept on the lips for 10 minutes, and then washed off with warm water.

Outdoor protection

To protect the delicate skin of the lips to the streetsuse your usual make-up.

All modern lipsticks, glosses, tinted balms and hygiene preparations are multifunctional: they not only color the lips, butprevent their peelingas well as the appearance of small cracks.

And most decorative lip products contain vitamins, fats, moisturizers and filters that reflect ultraviolet rays. If you don’t use colored lipsticksthen apply at least a moisturizing gloss or hygienic lipstick to your lips.

Keep in mind that for dry lips need softer lipsticks, with a high content of fats and oils. Pale lips it is better to cover with creamy matte lipsticks — they have a higher percentage of dyes. lips that sensitive to the environmentlipsticks with the addition of mother-of-pearl are suitable — they contain a lot of lanolin and mica that protect the skin of the lips.


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