how to learn to walk beautifully

A beautiful woman always attracts the eyes of others, and her walk can tell about her self-confidence and attitude towards others. Very often, it is the lifestyle that affects the fact that not always a pretty girl has a good posture and gait. So how do you learn to walk beautifully so that the stoop and clumsy movements of a woman while walking are not conspicuous and do not present her in an unfavorable light in front of others?

How to make walking beautiful?

  1. The first thing you should pay attention to is the correct posture — the basis of a beautiful gait. To do this, you need to straighten your back. Raise your shoulders as high as possible, take them back and lower them. The result should be a correct and graceful posture.
  2. You also need to ensure that the chin is slightly raised, the chest is straightened, and the stomach is pulled in.
  3. In the process of walking, it is important to learn how to place the foot correctly. She always smoothly moves forward, falls on her heel and gently stands on her toe. If this happens the other way around, then there will be no smoothness and ease in walking.
  4. You don’t have to step too far. From this, the body and head will sway strongly. The step should be small, a few centimeters more than your foot.
  5. So that the gait is not constrained, hand movements should be in rhythm with walking, and not just hang out or be in pockets.
  6. You should not make strong wiggles with your hips, just wiggle them slightly.

Perhaps some will ask the question, but how to develop a beautiful gait in heels? First of all, follow all the above tips. However, a couple more points should be added to this:

  1. Start by straightening your posture using simple exercises. The most common is walking with a book on your head.how to learn to walk beautifully 1
  2. First, learn to walk in low-heeled or platform shoes. They must be comfortable and not compress the leg.
  3. First you need to learn to walk slowly, and then gradually speed up the step.
  4. Legs should be placed straight and not bent at the knees, otherwise it will look ridiculous and awkward.
  5. The most important thing in this business is to develop endurance and balance, constantly transferring weight from heel to toe. This will make it easier to walk in heels.

Remember that constant practice will surely lead you to success in this noble cause.

For a woman, a beautiful walk is very important, because it emphasizes all her virtues. The most important thing is to remain confident in any place, being casual at home or chic in a society of people.


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